How To Remain Active During Social Distancing Period

Being in shape and staying active is very important for your overall health. Being active during this time of pandemic and social distancing can be more difficult than usual. Everyone has to follow strict protocols to protect themselves and others, and it extends to close quarter spaces – gyms for example. If you want to stay in shape and raise your immune levels, you should know different ways to exercise while social distancing. Read on to see how to remain active during this period.

At-home Workouts

If you are spending most of your time at home, the easiest way to stay active is to start working out inside. You don’t need too much space to work out in your home. A couple of square meters should suffice. Make sure you have enough space to jump around and do various exercises without bumping into furniture. If you have never exercised inside, it may feel stifling and you may feel scared you will knock something over. Figure out what kind of exercises you want to do, and see if you have enough space to do them safely.

Online Workouts

Since working out at gyms is not an option, the Internet is a great substitute. It is a vast field of knowledge and resources, including workouts. There are also many apps you can use to work out with. Spend some time browsing for workouts you can do at your home, with or without equipment. You can also search for exercises for different fitness levels or age. Many personal trainers have transferred their sessions to online ones, and you can join them if you need guidance. Scheduled workouts with a trainer can help you be accountable and keep track of your progress.

Body Weight Exercises

If an at-home gym is not an option for you, there are many bodyweight exercises available. They are good for starting out and beginners. You can even make some serious progress in your fitness levels with more difficult variations of the basic exercises. Bodyweight exercises include push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, sit-up, etc. Variations of these exercises are available online too, and they can help you take your exercises on another level. Be careful not to overwork yourself, or cause injuries with more difficult exercises. One of the most effective strength training is body-weight training, and using proper form and technique throughout each body-weight exercise, anyone can get the most benefit and avoid injury.

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Outdoor Exercising

If you have a backyard, it is a great place to work out. Fresh air and no crowd is a perfect recipe for health and building your immune system. The same exercises you do inside, you can do them outside. Your yard is perfect to practice yoga and meditate too, as fresh air will help your breathing and sense of peace. You can do even more exercises that are difficult to do inside, like jump rope, hula-hooping, short-distance running, etc. The possibilities are endless, especially if you are living with family or roommates who can exercise with you.

Exercising for Kids

Many kids are homebound now with many hours of homeschooling every day. Staying home all day, and sitting at the desk without any activity can take a big toll on their health and wellbeing. Kids need lots of activity to burn energy and stay healthy and happy. If they sit the whole day studying, they can become sluggish and lose focus. Kids can play many games and activities in the backyard. These activities can include dancing, football, aerobic and stretching exercises, etc.  A great activity for the whole family is bike riding in nature. Kids bikes have a big variety, depending on the terrain you are riding on. It’s a perfect opportunity to get away from big crowds of people.

Create a Routine

It’s easy to skip your daily exercise since you are spending time at home. There is no one to keep you accountable but yourself. To stop yourself from skipping exercises often, create a schedule you can follow and stick to a routine. An activity schedule can include many things. You can start by choosing an hour when you will wake up and what you will have for breakfast. Decide if you are going to exercise in the morning, during the day or night. Plan your working or school day and rest of your meals. Dedicate a specific time you will exercise each day. Add in time for relaxing, as low-stress levels will help you stay healthy. It would be best if you can create a schedule that is most similar to your day before social distancing. This way it will be easier to stick to a familiar plan. If you didn’t exercise much before, start slowly and see what activity level you are comfortable with. If you need guidance, it’s best to look up online workout plans or personal trainers. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you sometimes skip exercise. Take care of your health, and have fun.

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