8 Tips For A Great Family Photoshoot

A photoshoot is a great way to spend some time with your family. However, organizing a photoshoot is not a walk in the park, although not much more difficult. To make it fun and memorable (and get some good photographs along the way), it is best to do some preparations in advance – think about place, time, and gear, and maybe learn a thing or two from pro photographers’ arsenal. So, to help you wrap your head around the matter, we have prepared some easy tips that will help you organize, carry out, and enjoy a photoshoot with your family. 

1. Dress Up for the Occasion

8 Tips For A Great Family Photoshoot

This may not be the most crucial detail to consider, but there is little you can do about it in the field. Thus, it is better to give it some thought beforehand, you’ll spare yourself some possible frustrations this way. Just keep in mind that a family photoshoot is about having fun together, and not demonstrating your fashion choices.

2. Plan Some Activities

Another thing you could do to make the shooting easier and more pleasant is to plan some activities. Have a picnic, play ball, fly a kite – anything will suffice. The point is that when all of you have something to do, you and your family will have much less trouble looking natural. Taking candid and dynamic photos when you stand still is nigh impossible, so have a game plan to keep everyone on their toes.

3. Get a Tripod

A tripod is a lifesaver for many photographers. For instance, it will dramatically increase the number of clear shots you take, since your hand movement will be out of the picture. Yes, carrying a tripod around might seem inconvenient and “not fun” but you should also consider this – if you have a shutter timer in your device, you’ll be able to spend much less time behind the camera and much in front of it with your family.

4. Mind the Location

Different locations have different conditions. For example, sunny beaches and shady forests differ in the amount of light, so you’ll have to adjust your camera accordingly. Thankfully, many cameras already have specific presets for various environments. However, there is another reason to be aware of your surroundings – safety. When you tell your family to stand somewhere, move farther or closer, keep in mind that they do not see what’s behind them and might trip over something. Safety first!

5. Use the Burst Mode

A Great Family Photoshoot

When your family and kids are occupied with something, be it a game or enjoying picnic food, the worst thing you can do is ask them to freeze for a shot. Interrupting the flow of such activity will result in stiff, awkward, and not candid shots. But how do you photograph moments like this then? Use the burst mode of your camera! This way, you can capture an uninterrupted action by taking a few dozen consecutive shots. Chances are there will be good ones among them.

6. Let the Kids Loose

It’s a great idea to do some planning and preparation. But over-planning is not so great. And the worst thing to plan is children’s behavior. There’s absolutely no need to force them to have fun and look happy, this whole undertaking is about having a genuinely good time. So let the events unfold naturally, let kids do what they do. Unless it turns you into an irresponsible parent, of course – letting the kids climb tall trees or some such is probably not a good idea.

7. Consider Editing

If looking at the pictures you have taken tingles some happy and warm feelings, congratulations – the job is well done. However, if you want those photos to look great regardless, why not indulge in a little perfectionism and do some editing? By the way, you don’t need professional expertise to edit your images. Even if you have little to no experience – no worry, just check this list of best photo editing software for beginners, you are sure to find a suitable tool.

8. Don’t Take it Hard

Last but not least – this is about fun, as have been told about time and time again. There’s no reason to treat a family photoshoot as some official, obligatory event. Do it as long as you feel like it, the moment someone runs out of energy is a good moment to wrap it up.


And these are our tips! There’s really not much else to say. Hopefully, it will help you make your family time more enjoyable. To sum it all up in the briefest way possible – plan ahead, prepare clothes and a camera in advance, mind your surroundings, and don’t force it.

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