Keep Track Of Your CBD With A CBD Oil Dosage Calculator App

Our family and extended family took a our annual vacation recently. We followed all CDC guidelines for traveling out of state, wore masks whenever we had to go into a business and limited the places we did enter as much as possible. I packed and prepped so much before-hand, I was stressed to the max before we ever left the driveway. Needless to say, I relied, heavily on my CBD oil during this trip and used a CBD Oil dosage calculator app to keep track!

My sister-in-law and I plan the trip every year. Even though we always take as much as we think we’ll need, this year was extremely stressful. We wanted to limit our trips to stores so we bought as much for the trip, as we could, during our regular grocery trips here at home. My living room has been stocked nearly to the ceiling for months!

We bought all the food we’d be eating on the trip and prepped as much as possible and froze it. There were 11 of us so Clay made up 8 pounds of taco meat and put it in the deep freeze. Carrie made several pounds of shredded BBQ chicken to take. We had pre-pattied hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

The only thing we didn’t take was fresh produce and we made sure to get in and out of the store, there as quickly as possible. I didn’t let the kids go in at all and those of us that did, wore masks and hand sanitized as soon as we were out the door.

We disinfected every surface of our rental house as soon as we got there and took every precaution we could think of. We rented a home with a private pool and spent the week just relaxing at the house.

We didn’t do any tourist attractions or activities. We played video and card games, swam in the pool and watched movies. We did walk onto the beach once (because it was nearly empty) but were too afraid to swim there so a quick “toes in the water” was it and then back to the house we went. We were there 10 minutes tops.

As I mentioned earlier, I was super stressed. Not just from all the packing and planning, but from fear of going and getting sick. I use CBD oil regularly for anxiety maintenance and menstrual pain, but changed my dosage some for travel. Also, I have a list of CBD brands for different purpose use, you can view here. I find I need to split my dosage to morning and night when I’m traveling, instead of just in the morning. Otherwise, I can’t relax enough to sleep. I also diffuse peppermint and lavender at night in a travel diffuser. It works like a charm!

To keep track of my dosage and to remind me to take it each day, I used the Droppy CBD Oil Dosage App and it worked perfectly!

To use the app, you just input the name, mg/ml and why you use it (pain/anxiety), etc. It gives you it’s recommendations on how much you should use each day.

Then you select the reminders (up to 2 per day) and the times and it will remind you each day to use your CBD oil. I chose 2 reminders per day (morning and evening) while I was traveling and set it back to once a day after we got home.

It has a calendar as well so you can go back and check if you took it that day, the day before. etc. It also has articles on how CBD oil can help with different things.

CBD Oil dosage calculator app

Droppy is a very handy CBD Dosage Calculator App. I love that it shows me how much I need to be taking daily, so there’s no 2nd guessing my dosage amount or if I took it.

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Do you use CBD Oil? If so, have yo tried a dosage app like Droppy?

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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