All Over Deodorant: Smell Good Everywhere With 1 Natural Deodorant

I’m excited to tell you about an all over deodorant product that will be perfect this summer!

A couple weeks ago I told you all about the Happy Curves and Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Sticks. They are amazing for chub-rub and thigh-rub. I feel like I get some deodorant protection from them (even though they are not a deodorant product) and, while I do love an unscented product much of the time, sometimes scented products call my name. To go along with the benefits of the anti-chafe sticks, you can also get All Over Natural Deodorant! Did you catch that? natural Yes please! As an ambassador, I received a Happy Curves Tahitian Vanilla All Over Deodorant and it. smells. amazing! It “fo realz” smells like cake frosting.


One of my daughters laid claim to it as soon as I opened it! I snagged it back from her to try it for myself because I want an all over Natural Deodorant too! I’ve mentioned before that I like unscented products but even I love a good scent from time to time, especially vanilla and coconut. Both those fragrances are warm and help mask stinky-ness. At least in my opinion.

This Tahitian Vanilla All Over Deodorant glides on really easily. You can use this deodorant anywhere on your body. So, if you have creases and crevices that need some added deo love, apply it there and you’re good to go.

Happy Curves All Over Deodorant |  All Over Natural Deodorant | Tahitian Vanilla

I had a c-section over a decade ago but still have an apron that gets worse as I lose weight. This all over natural deodorant will be a game changer! I’d actually use it along with my anti-chafe stick, although I could probably use one or the other. I think I’ll find great results, on super hot days, when using both.

Here’s why!

We had several days here in KY that were nearly 80 degrees recently, followed by 30 degrees. Weird.

Needless to say, after winter temps, it felt unbearably hot so suddenly.

Anyway, those hot days were no problem because I used my Happy Curves products and was able to go about my day worry-free, stink-free and chafe free. I just smoothed on a little anti-chafe stick then went over that with the Tahitian Vanilla All Over Deodorant that I stole back from my daughter before she could use it.

By nighttime, I wasn’t damp anywhere and I didn’t stink. My armpits were dry. My thighs were dry. Under the boobage was dry. My FEET were dry. Under my belly apron was dry and I was one happy camper.

Again, I can’t wait for summer vacation so I can really put these products to the test. But, I know they are going to do perfectly! Look out Florida humidity, here I come! WOOT! Oh yeah, and the girl too because I just know as soon as I turn my head, she’ll try to confiscate it. I need to order a 2nd tube. πŸ€”

All Over Deodorant will be available in 3 scents: Tahitian Vanilla, Boho Breeze, and Herbal Citrus. It is aluminum-free, paraben-free and vegan.

Happy Curves Herbal Citrus Deodorant

Herbal Citrus

Infused with a revitalizing mix of
zesty freshness of citrus, the
serene, herbal notes of lavender,
and the romantic, floral aroma of
rose, offering a harmonious and
delightful sensory experience.

Happy Curves Tahitian Vanilla Deodorant

Tahitian Vanilla

Infused with a tropical richness of
coconut and the sweet, creamy
essence of vanilla, this blend marries the lush, exotic aroma of coconut with the comforting, warm notes of vanilla, creating a sumptuous and inviting scent that envelops the senses.

Happy Curves Boho Breeze Deodorant

Boho Breeze

Infused with delicate, floral notes of neroli with the bright, citrusy zest of bergamot and the exotic,
intoxicating fragrance of jasmine,
creating a sophisticated and uplifting scent experience.

Tahitian Vanilla All Over Deodorant Coupon

Have you ever tried an all over natural deodorant? They are really great to have on hand, especially when travelling this summer!

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