Amazing Ways To Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

If you’re trying to be a social media influencer, you’ve probably discovered by now that it’s not as simple as posting pictures in the grid. What are other influencers with thousands of followers doing that you’re not? Why do they get more likes on their Instagram photos? 

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Chances are, there’s a lot more going on in their Instagram photos than meets the eye. Today, let’s talk about all the secret tricks and tips that help can help set you apart from the rest. 

  1. Use a Tripod 

Posing for pictures is a whole job, you don’t need to have to hold the phone steady while you do it too. Some of the best poses for taking selfies make it almost impossible for you to get a steady picture with one hand, and using a timer with a mini tripod guarantees that all your attention is going where it should- on looking your best for your Instagram. 

  1. Show Your Face 

According to certain studies, Instagram pictures with faces are 38% more likely to get likes, and 32% more likely to attract comments. So go ahead, don’t be shy and put your face in that breathtaking landscape shot. 

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It’s okay if you’re camera shy or if it’s something you haven’t done before, but there are lots of poses for girls when taking a selfie and for almost everyone else that allows you to capture the background perfectly. So flaunt that smile!  

  1. Bright Colors Are Your Friend 

In the end, Instagram is all about getting people’s attention with the brightest colors and the most striking shots. It’s a picture sharing platform after all. 

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So when you’re taking a picture, try and make the colors pop. Is the photo aesthetically pleasing? Would it catch someone’s eye if the scrolled past it? You’ll have just one second to make someone pause before you lose that like, so if you can’t find the best lighting consider adjusting the brightness and the contrast a little. 

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Play around with those settings until you think the pictures are bold enough to impress. 

  1. Add Text and Quotes 

Picture this- you just caught the most beautiful shot of a sunset, and you’re about to post it to the gram. But before you do that, consider just how many other pictures of sunsets are on the site. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t post this picture at all, just that you might want to go the extra mile and put something extra in the photo as well. There are multiple apps out there like Canva and Font Candy that can help you add text to your pictures. Think of something goofy or maybe a thoughtful quote and add it to the picture right under that sunset. 

  1. Focus on What Matters 

When you’re doing a photoshoot, focus on what the real point of the picture is. Are you trying to show off your new shoes? Is it about those beautiful birds you see up in that tree?

While taking that photo, keep what you want to show the world in mind, and then put it front and center. The second step is to consider what’s going on in the background. Sure you can blur it later, but it’s still better to not let anything in the frame that would look bad. 

Make sure everything in your Instagram photos belongs there. You really don’t want to be showing your expensive new outfit off in front of a messy bed. 

  1. Use Your Phone Camera 

This is a pretty basic mistake, but when you’re building an online following you can’t start getting lazy. Don’t use take photos in the Instagram app and then post them right away.

Take your time with the photo, use the awesome features that come with today’s smartphones like the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function and the portrait mode. 

In the end, taking a good Instagram photo comes down to using the right camera and an open, mindful approach. It may all seem confusing right now, but keep at it and one-day taking beautiful photos will come naturally to you.

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