CoSchedule Editorial Calendar: Schedule And Promote Your WordPress Posts

This post, Showcasing CoSchedule Editorial Calendar, was originally posted back in 2014 but has been updated with new info. CoSchedule has made a ton of changes and additions since I first started using it. It just keeps getting better and better!

Disclosure: I received a CoSchedule discount as a thank you for my review. All opinions are my own and were formed through personal product testing. My personal referral link has been used in this post. If you order, I will receive a discount at no additional cost to you.

In my personal opinion,  the best scheduling, social media promotion and post organization plugin for WordPress is CoSchedule. I began by using the free trial for a week and I fell in love. I was ready to jump in and pay for the premium version. It helped me that much. I used it for several months but due to finances, had to let my first subscription lapse for awhile. I was heartbroken. I hadn’t realized just how much I used this plugin!

CoSchedule editorial Calendar And Social Media Scheduler

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a drag-and-drop editorial calendar for WordPress that puts your blog posts and social media messages on the same schedule. 

When I write up my blog post I can schedule all my social media shares at the same time right on the post editor page. The CoSchedule plugin has an editor that is below the post editor. It lets me write up my social shares, add features images and set the time I want them to go out or they can post at the same time the blog post goes live.

One new built in feature I really like is the Headline Analyzer. It was a seperate page on the CoSchedule site but now it is built right into the editor. I can add my title and save my post as a draft and it will analyze my headline and give me tips on changes that need to be made.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

There is another new feature that lets me create templates. So when I have a social share that needs to go out on multiple dates, I can use that template instead of having to write it all out and add photos each time. The templates make it so much easier and saves me a ton of time!

I love to use CoSchedule for my Holiday Gift Guide shares too. It allows me to share each, individual post to go out on different dates to my social media accounts. I can customize and personalize each post and each share. CoSchedule’s editor doesn’t appear on pages (only posts) but I can open the calendar from my admin sidebar and also schedule social shares for the page my gift guide is on.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

You can see in the photo below what they look like beneath your post editor once they’ve been scheduled.


Like other editorial calendar plugins, I can move my posts around to different dates right on the calendar and even edit them right there. The difference, and thing I like the most, is that my scheduled social media updates move with it. So I don’t have to worry about going back and rescheduling them all.

You can access the calendar and all your settings both in your WordPress dashboard and on the CoSchedule website.

CoShedule Schedule Social Media Updates

There are too many new features for me to list in this one post so you’ll have to check out their site for all the info, but starting at $15 per month you have access to one of (in my opinion) the best editorial calendar and scheduling plugins available. Many plugins only allow you to auto post to a handful of social media accounts and they DON’T include the most used like Instagram. That isn’t the case with CoSchedule. Instagram sharing is in the works!

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ Pages
  • Buffer

So, one CON to me is that it is using Buffer to do some of the scheduling. You can connect your social media accounts to your Buffer but if you’re not upgraded there, you can’t add many. But you don’t have to connect to Buffer except for Google+ pages. They do explain on their site why they recommend using Buffer with CoSchedule. I just don’t care for Buffer.

My husband, Clay, and I are a blogging team. We also have a couple of anonymous authors. I can invite my entire team to CoSchedule and they can hook their accounts up to their Cinnamon Hollow dashboards. We can collaborate and see each others posts and drafts and know exactly when and what is going out.

That one con isn’t enough to deter me from upgrading. I’m headed over to once again upgrade so I can use CoSchedule from now on.


Social Media Editorial Calendar For WordPress

Do you use CoSchedule to schedule and promote your WordPress posts

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