😲 New ButcherBox Customers Get Wings, Ground Beef, Ribs Free!

You read that right. New ButcherBox customers get wings, ground beef, and ribs for free in their first box! (offer valid 3/14/23 – 3/19/23) There’s never been a better time to subscribe! ButcherBox always has the best promotions. #ButcherBoxPartner

ButcherBox Wings, Ground Beef, Ribs

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I can say from personal experience that ButcherBox chicken wings are amazing! Clay popped some on the grill awhile back and we all threw down on some ah-mazing grilled wings.

Don’t those grilled chicken wings look phenomenal? I love ButcherBox ground beef as well but I’m more of a chicken girl so those wings are…

chef's kiss

Having said that, the ground beef is pretty darned good!

My favorite way to use it is in homemade Sloppy Joe. I follow a Trim Healthy Mama recipe (loosely). I tweak it to make it my own. It calls for sweetener to make it taste like the name brand. I can’t stand sweet tomatoes so I leave it out and make ours more savory. I do the same with homemade tomato soup.

I like to eat my Sloppy Joe on a bed of green leaf lettuce and either topped with some shredded mild cheddar cheese or on a slice of it. It’s delicious and I never miss the bun!

I’ve never had ButcherBox ribs. Honestly, I didn’t know they had them for some reason! I love me a good ole BBQ rib so I’ll definitely have to check those out!

The offer is only good from 3/14/23 – 3/19/23 so head on over and get’cha some wings, ground beef, and ribs for free in your first box!

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ButcherBox Wings Ground Beef Ribs


Head on over and get’cha some wings, ground beef, and ribs for free in your first box!

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