Is CBD Oil Holistapet The Best Brand For Your Pet?

Cannabidiol or CBD as everyone calls it, is gaining its popularity and becoming a highly sought-after natural ingredient, not to mention the most studied composites. It is initiated in the hemp plant and in this context, from industrial hemp which became more ‘legal’ in the year 2018. It is not legal everywhere as not all countries allow people to grow it. However, the ones that do, import their hemp-extracted CBD legally. Also known as Cannabis Sativa, this natural occurring cannabinoid has started to gain in increase in popularity over the past couple of years, mainly due to its potential physical and mental benefits and almost no side effects. So why not give it to our pets as well?

CBD Oil Holistapet

For a pet owner, one of the saddest things is seeing your dog or cat in pain or an uncomfortable situation either mentally or physically. Our companions also suffer many similar ailments as we humans do. Enter CBD Oil; adding this product to both Cat and Dog food and treats can mean the difference between having a happy and joyful pet or a miserable and unhealthy one. It contains very little or No THC, thus are ‘non-psychoactive’. In other words, your pets will not get ‘high’.

A word of caution

Avoid giving your pet an intoxicating number of products with CBD oil in it and always follow the veterinarians or product packaging dosage instructions. If in doubt, ask a professional. Another thing to keep in mind is, when you purchase products online for the first time, if you’re not sure, do the research. Find out about the company that’s selling it, what the ingredients are, are they approved by a medical or professional authority. Search for reviews about the company or the product and discuss it in forums if you have to.

What the research shows

According to various studies done from treating Arthritis in animals to Epilepsy using CBD, this creation has amazing benefits to overall health not only for humans but also for our four-legged companions, our pets. These studies have evidentially come up with a list of numerous holistic advantages when incorporated into your pet’s lifestyle and diets.

Some of the conditions it may treat in animals are:

  • it may be an anti-inflammatory
  • an antiemetic (helpful against nausea and vomiting)
  • a powerful source of antioxidants (prevent slow cell damage caused by free radicals)
  • an antiepileptic (helps with seizures, mood stabilising, pain etc)
  • and is also an antipsychotic agent (manages paranoias, hallucinations, bipolar disorder etc)
  • Other conditions such as loss of appetite and anxiety.

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CBD Oil Holistapet

Which brand is the best for your pooch?

As mentioned above, a lot of research has gone into not only CBD itself, but also the brands that cater for it, in their products and unfortunately not all of the famous ones out there are convincing in their ‘natural’ ingredients and or organic infusions.

Holistapet, however, is one of those diamonds in the rough that introduces a full-spectrum CBD in its super food, to create the perfect indulgences for your dog that is 100% safe. Its products are organic, and their main focus is to cater for your pets in a holistic manner and treat majority of symptoms from pain, nausea to allergies and digestive issues in between. Learn more about the essential dog medications and when you need them here:

The good news is, they not only have products for dogs and cats, but also for your horses too. In addition, they have 3 different selections on the market guarantee a distinct and unique flavour from green apple and peanut butter to blueberry and sweet potato, which are bound to entice any four-legged creature. They have been used by consumers on their pets for a long time and they even have a lot to say about its benefits and the significant changes their products have had on their sick or unhealthy pets in comparison to giving them medication. You can visit their site and read a Holistapet review for yourself.

The different options of products they create also range from not only treats, but also 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg tinctures and capsules. What more could you ask for?

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We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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