Costume SuperCenter Halloween Costumes For Kids


Everyone knows that my family loves Halloween. Every year, the entire family dresses up in fun costumes and we throw a party. It is so much fun. The really tricky part is deciding on costumes for 6 people! Especially decent Halloween costumes for kids. They are usually so cheaply made, they aren’t worth the price.

For our middle daughter, I’ve already found a costume for Halloween this year. She is going to be a 1920’s flapper. I love the era and the women’s style of clothing. When I showed her the costumes, she fell in love. She loves to dance and has a fabulous imagination, acting out all sorts of characters. So I know this would be the perfect costume for her.

When it came, we were both thrilled! It is perfect. It has loads of shiny pink fringe and a sparkly sequined feather headband. It fits really well too. It is a little longer than I thought it would be which is perfect because I didn’t want a really short dress for her. It also has a zipper on the side so it is really easy to put on. We added the necklace, bracelet and shoes and might even add a feather boa. She is so excited for Halloween this year!


I found this costume online at Costume Supercenter.

My photo doesn’t show hoe brilliant the color is so here is the original photo from the site. It looks exactly the same in person! (minus the feather boa and beads)

costumesupercenter-flapper2.jpgDisclosure: I received a complimentary costume as a blogger for Costume Supercenter. All opinions are my own. no monetary compensation was received.

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