Dress Up Your Little Clawdeen Wolf With A Monster High Costume

Disclosure: I received a complimentary costume for review purposes. All opinions are my own and/or those of family members facilitating this review.

My daughters adore the Monster High series and characters. They love the diversity of the characters and the wild and crazy way they dress. For Halloween this year our 7 year old daughter begged us to be Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High so when the opportunity to review a Monster High costume presented itself I said OK! Our daughter was ecstatic.

Now, I wouldn’t normally let me daughters dress the way the girls do on Monster High. They wear tons of make-up, really short skirts and super spiky high heels. But they are still covered up and as cute as can be. So for Halloween, where my kids are being supervised, I say go for it. Let them play dress up and have some fun with their friends. And the Clawdeen Wolf costume is super cute. It doesn’t come with the wig and attached werewolf ears but it does come with all the clothing pieces which surprised me. I figured we’d have to do some shopping to put pieces together, but really, all we’d have left to get is the wig.

Monster High Costume: Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume: Clawdeen Wolf

The Clawdeen Wolf Monster High costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Skirt
  • Studded Belt
  • Studded Choker
  • Boot Tops

I think our daughter looks so cute. I told her to show me “fierce” like Clawdeen. I think she nailed it!

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume

In our photo we didn’t have the boot tops pulled down over our daughter’s shoes quite enough. They actually fit over her shoes a lot better than what it shows in our photo. They cover the entire tops of her shoes and then the tops come up pretty far above her knees. We will still have her wear some brown, black or purple leggings for Halloween since it is usually cool out. Also, since our daughters hair is brown, she doesn’t need the full wig, just the ears.  I’ll probably curl her hair and make her some cute ears with loop earrings, on a headband, that she can wear to match the Little Monsters that she loves.

The costume, itself is made really well. The shirt is thicker than you would think and doesn’t feel like it is going to tear or pull. It has a thicker feel to the fabric than some costumes we’ve had. The jacket is also made thicker and sturdier than you would expect from a costume. It has cuffs on the sleeves and around the bottom and almost feels like a regular little half jacket.

Monster High Costume: Clawdeen Wolf


The skirt is a bit more like you would expect from a costume. It is that silky material with a basic elastic waist and crinoline beneath to give it fullness. We went with the 8 – 10 size in case they were made small and it fits her perfectly.

Monster High Costume: Clawdeen Wolf

The boots tops feel pretty sturdy too. They feel more like dress socks. I thought they would be too much like panty hose but they aren’t. They don’t feel like they will pull or run and they stayed in place pretty well when she was walking around. The belt and choker necklace have hook and loop closures (Velcro) and are pretty big so they fit around without being too tight or constricting. as mentioned above they do fit better over her shoes than shown in our photo. She had on some narrow boots but the boot tops fit perfectly over her regular tennis shoes. So she will wear those on Halloween.

Monster High Costume: Clawdeen Wolf

I asked our daughter what she thought about her Monster High costume and she said it “SO PERFECT!”. Mama did well this year!

If your kids love Monster High like mine do, they can check out Full Webisodes of the show online.

What will your kids be dressed as this Halloween? Do they love Monster High too?

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