My Aching Back Needs A Seat Cushion

I’ve been needing a seat cushion for a long time now. Desperately needing one! My back is killing me. As a blogger I tend to have to sit for long periods of time at my computer and that can really take a toll on my neck, back, hips and legs. Add to that the fact that I sustained a minor back injury when I was a teenagerΒ and had 25 hours of non-stop back labor with our first born and felt the epidural needle hit my spine with our last. Needless to say, my back hurts. A lot.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary cushion to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own and were formed through personal testing of the product. Your results may vary.

When I was a teenager I slipped and fell in the rain at the county fair and hit my tailbone pretty hard on a rock. It felt like it chipped it but my parents never got around to taking me to the doctor to have it checked out. Mom just thought it was bruised. I’ve had pain there and problems with my lower back locking up ever since. Then when I went in to labor with our first child, he was turned face up instead of face downΒ and I had horrible back labor for 25 hours. When he finally turned the right direction it felt like someone ripped my spine from my body. I’m pretty sure all floors of the hospital and even some neighboring buildings heard my scream. I thought I was dying right then and there.

Then our last child was breech requiring a c-section. The anesthesiologist didn’t have me quite numb enough and when she stuck the epidural needle in it felt like it touched my spine and I jumped! That was the strangest pain/sensation I’ve ever felt. She hurried to numb me more and I immediately went completely numb from the waist down. The nurses had to grab my shoulders and lay me back on the operatingΒ table because I couldn’t move. I was numb for about 6 hours.

My back has been through it. Somehow (and I, literally, thank God for this) I don’t have back pain all the time. But when I’ve been sitting for long periods of time at my desk or in the car on long road trips it does lock up to the point I can barely stand up straight. And I have pain in my lower back and down my legs then they go to sleep and get all tingly. I’ve often thought that a nice seat cushion would really help me out by positioning things the way they should be when sitting. I was not wrong.

Cush Comfort Seat Cushion

Cush Cushion – The World’s Most Comfortable Seat Cushion

I have been testing out the Cush Comfort Seat Cushion and I am very impressed! It’s big. Big enough for my mother-of-4 hiney to fit on it.

This photo shows the Cush Comfort seat cushion in one of our dining room chairs. They are wooden chairs with fairly wide seats and it goes all the way across.

Cush Comfort Seat Cushion

And it’s firm but soft. Did that make sense? It’s a super firm to the touch memory foam and kind of heavy but when you sit down, you sink in just enough to give you the most cushy seat without feeling like you’re sitting in a pile of cotton balls.

This particular seat cushion has rubbery grips on the bottom to keep it in place.

Cush Comfort Seat Cushion Bottom Grip

The cover is made of a plush velour fabric. It is so soft and warm. Very comfortable.

Cush Comfort Seat Cushion Velour Cover

The removable cover has a zipper so it can be taken off and laundered. as you can see, it covers a really thick memory foam cushion.

Cush Comfort Seat Cushion memory Foam and Zipper

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This cushion is perfect for people who:

  • History of back pain
  • Previous back/tail bone injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Commute in the car for log periods of time
  • Sit in work for a long periods of time
  • Looking to upgrade their office chair

My back has felt so much better since I’ve been using this seat cushion! I still have pain from time to time but when I’ve been sitting for a long time I don’t have to lean forward and raise up super slowly just to get into an upright position. I’m not “locked up” in my back after riding to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend getaway.

It has helped. And for that, I am extremely grateful!

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