Don’t Miss Out On The NIRA Early Bird Sale For 35% Off

You guys! Don’t miss out on the NIRA Early Bird Sale and get 35% OFF!⁠ If you can’t grab yours before Dec 5, don’t worry because I will be sharing another, slightly less, discount on Dec 8. It won’t be 35% so try to get yours now so you can take advantage of a bigger discount!

I’ve mentioned my NIRA Skincare Laser and Hyaluronic Acid many times over the years. I love it! The NIRA skincare laser works to reduce wrinkles around the eyes by helping to rebuild collagen. The Hyaluronic Acid works to increase moisture in the skin. These 2 things, together, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine links and dry skin.

NIRA Early Bird Sale

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NIRA Skincare Laser and Serum
NIRA Skincare laser

Save 10% when you shop through my link or use my code: CINNAMON

This post contains affiliate links.

Right now, you can save 35%!

The NIRA Early Bird Sale runs from December 1 – 5, 2022 so grab one (or more) for Christmas and give the gift of gorgeous skin! This sale goes quick and I’m late posting so hurry!

NIRA Facts

Do you have wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes? The NIRA Skincare Laser and the Hyaluronic acid are great!

Another way I like to help my skin, hair and nails is to use a collagen supplement. I prefer Trim Healthy Mama Integral Collagen. It is sourced from beef. Be sure to always take some vitamin C so you absorb it. That also helps reduce any joint pain it may cause, although, collagen supplements actually help me with my joint pain!

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