Enhance Your Summer Look With Sterling Silver Jewelry

I love to update my look for each season and one way I do that is with new jewelry. Typically, I tend to wear mostly all sterling silver or white gold jewelry, anyway, but for me silver is the way to go in the summer months. I think that it looks amazing against a fresh sun tan.

A few months ago I teamed up with oNecklace to showcase some of their jewelry including a ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace. I recently teamed up with them again to show you items that will, not only work as gifts for mom, but also to brighten up your summer look.

I selected a ring, with a personal story behind it and a mother’s necklace that also has extra special meaning. I’ll tell you about both.

Jewelry by oNecklace

First up, the necklace. My grandmother has always been one of my very best friends. I’ve told you all before how she now suffers with Alzheimer’s and how her mind is no longer with us. She’ll be 95 in a few weeks and the nursing home has recently called in hospice care. I’m losing my beloved grandmother and I’m heartbroken. She always had many stories to tell and I will pass them down to my own children. I will treasure my memories with her. One memory is of a mother’s necklace she wore.

Jewelry by oNecklace

My uncle and his wife bought my grandmother the loveliest “Tree Of Life” mother’s necklace with my mom, aunt and uncles birthstones one year. It’s hard to describe exactly how it looks. It has sort of an oval, wire “frame” with the tree inside. This frame is 2 layers so it’s doesn’t sit flat. It is more 3D. Then the birthstones sit on the tree branches. I’ve always wanted one like it. When I saw the family tree mother’s necklaces on oNecklace I had to have one!

My necklace is round with a tree that dangles in the middle. The outer ring has my children’s names engraved on it. I’m sorry but I blurred their names for safety. The birthstones are set int he tree and correspond to their names on the outer ring. My camera did some weird things to the photo. In person the silver is bright and shiny. It doesn’t have any scratches but in the photo it looks like it has water spots on it. Weird, but I think it’s reflections of the light. It is so pretty in person.

It isn’t exactly like my grandmother’s but it is perfect.  The chain is sterling silver and hangs perfectly around my neck.

Next, the ring. Clay and I were in highschool when we got engaged. We were 19 and fresh out of high-school when we got married. When Clay proposed to me, he didn’t have much money and couldn’t afford a big, expensive engagement ring. But he had a ton of love, enough for a simple ring and that was plenty good enough for me! He bought this cute little sterling silver band that had black hearts engraved in it. It was a little too wide to wear with my silver wedding band so I put it in my jewelry box when we married.

When we moved, 10 years ago, my jewelry box and beloved engagement ring was lost in the move. I was heartbroken! I wanted my engagement ring but we’ve never found another like it. You may remember last year that I ordered myself a new wedding band from oNecklace? I ordered one of their engraved rings and had our names and anniversary date engraved on it.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry
My replacement wedding band from last year

It made me think of my engagement ring. It dawned on me this time that I may be able to get hearts engraved in the same way!  So when I was selecting items I chose another ring and asked to have 4 hearts engraved instead of writing. They said it could be done and a couple weeks later my ring, and necklace, arrived!

Jewelry by oNecklace

Again, my camera did some weird things to the photo below! My ring is clean and bright and shiny but it looks dirty in the photo.  There aren’t any smudges or lines in person so I’m not sure what is going on. No matter how I sat it, it showed marks and lines in the photos.

Jewelry by oNecklace

It isn’t exactly like my engagement ring but it is very similar and a lovely reminder of something that was given to me out of love. I am so happy I was able to have a replacement made that is a lot like the original. Clay was every surprised and happy that I was able to get this made.

Aside from the mother’s necklaces and rings, oNecklace has gorgeous earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces in gold, rose gold, diamond, birthstones, etc. There is a wonderful variety to freshen up your summer look. Check out the Monogram Earrings like I got last time. They will look great on the beach, with a maxi dress and sandals!

Jewelry by oNecklace

I am very pleased with how both my Mother’s Necklace and replica engagement ring turned out. There’s no way to have gotten exact duplicates but they are both extremely close. I love my necklace even more than my grandmothers. I love how the tree dangles in the center and the names  around the edge. And my ring fits perfectly and the hearts are so cute.

I LOVE all of the jewelry I’ve received from oNecklace!


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  1. Sterling silver jewelry perfectly complements a summer look. Its intricate designs add a touch of sophistication, enhancing any outfit effortlessly. A delightful find indeed!


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