Conceal Your Roots With EVERPRO GRAY AWAY

I wish I could find a way to take the gray away forever! I’m always hearing from my gal pals how they go for a touch up to their gray hair every six weeks. 6 weeks? I have to touch my roots up every TWO weeks! I use permanent hair dye to make my hair a little darker and to cover up the unsightly gray and white hair that has decided to make an appearance in my head. I dye it and condition it. It looks pretty good. And then bam, two weeks later I have a gray stripe on top of my head and I have to do a root touch up. Not cool, Mama Nature. Not cool at all!

Everpro Gray Away

Sponsored: I received a complimentary sample of EVERPRO® GRAY AWAY to try out and give my honest results. All opinions are strictly my own and were formed through personal testing of the product. Your results may vary.

That’s a lot of hair dye going onto my hair and scalp. I don’t like using all those harsh chemicals all the time. It’s not good for my skin and it’s hard on my hair. I tried a temporary root touch up once that was a liquid and it was a mess. It was runny and hard to use. And I was afraid that it would run down my forehead. It didn’t work well at all.

Then I heard about this EVERPRO® GRAY AWAY root touch-up magnetic powder formula that is mineral infused and has self-adjusting color technology to blend with my hair and my interest was piqued. A powder? I wondered how easy it would be to use and if it would settle on my scalp and look bad. I had to try it!

Everpro® Gray Away Root Touchup Magnetic Powder

Everpro Gray Away

This product line is made up of 3 colors (Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown,and Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde) that cover 9 shade levels.

I chose the light brown. The container has a mirror, built in sponge applicator in the bottom and the powder, which looks like pretty brown eye shadow, in the top. It’s very portable and fits perfectly in my makeup bag when traveling. To use it, you, literally, just rob the dome shaped sponge on to the powder and then onto your gray roots. The powder attaches itself and clings to your hair like little magnets. That’s easy!

The following photo is a little blurry. It is really hard to do your own hair while taking a photo at the same time.

Everpro Gray Away

It doesn’t flake or fly away like a loose powder would. It just grabs hold of your hair as soon as it touches it.

What I learned after my first application is that it does work and it works really well but a little goes a long way. I was tempted to be heavy handed and keep applying it. You don’t need to do that. A small amount covers the gray but too much makes your hair stiff and almost sticky feeling. A small amount with a quick, light brushing leaves it soft and still covered.

It washes out easily with shampoo and water. I wondered if this root concealer would run down my forehead when wet like that liquid stuff I’d used did. So I spritzed my hair with a water bottle. Nothing.

Then I stuck my head under the running water. Nothing. It did not bleed or come out of my hair until I added shampoo and scrubbed my hair clean! I’m impressed.

I showed you my gray roots in the photo above but here is a side by side shot of the before and after so you can see my results using EVERPRO® GRAY AWAY.  This stuff is fantastic!

Everpro Gray Away

There is also a GRAY AWAY temporary root concealer spray:

Everpro Gray Away

No mixing, no mess – just spray and go! With a unique, pinpoint applicator, GRAY AWAY temporary root concealer spray delivers targeted coverage for quick and precise results, while the revolutionary, self-adjusting color-matching technology blends seamlessly with hair color for a natural-looking finish. The current product line is made up of 3 colors (Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde) that cover 9 shade levels and is offered in an aerosol spray can form.

I can honestly say that this is one product I’ve definitely be buying regularly!

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What do you think? Are you going to try it?

6 thoughts on “Conceal Your Roots With EVERPRO GRAY AWAY”

  1. I am a mahogany/brown color now… Deep auburn would also describe my color (now). I don’t see anything for the read heads… It there anything available? Or which brown would I use. I went natural for about 4 years and I’m a darker brown. I had a grey strip on the right side of my bangs… It was going nowhere so I gave in and went back to color but decided to go red for the first time in my coloring career as my Mom is a natural deep auburn and I have her skin tone. (She also has all of her natural red hair at 81, I got my dads side of the hair family). Thanks..

    • Hi Barb,

      WOW still red at 81? Way to go mom!!!!

      I’ve been using the regular brown shade and you can build upon it a little but it will get really thick feeling on your hair. Is your hair like this color:

      If so, I would probably go for the darker brown in either the root touch up powder or the spray and just use a small amount. Your roots will probably still come out more brown looking but for me, personally, when my hair is red, if I can’t find a red cover up then I like the brown roots better than the gray.

      If you decide to give it a try please let me know how it works on the red!


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