Free Bacon For Life + $100 Off

Folks, this may be one of the best ButcherBox promotions yet! This promotion will give new ButcherBox members 1 pack of bacon for free in every order for the lifetime of your membership and save $20 off each box for your first five (5) months of membership! December 1 – 26. Free bacon, y’all!

free bacon

Bacon sells out quickly here in Kentucky! Some days, I can’t find any on the shelves. I love knowing I can get it delivered straight to my door with no worries.

Their bacon checks all the boxes. It’s humanely raised. It’s delicious. It has everything I’m looking for when it comes to high-quality protein, like being raised crate-free and never being given antibiotics or added hormones ever.

Bacon and tomato sandwiches? Yes please! πŸ₯“ πŸ… πŸ₯ͺ

And now, for new members,one pack comes FREE in every ButcherBox order for the life of their membership.

PLUS, new members get $20 off each box for the first five months of membership.

With ButcherBox, you can enjoy bacon that’s done the right way.

What is your favorite way to serve bacon? Do you like it as is with just a side of eggs, vegetables toast and/or fruit? Or do you like to use it in a recipe like a casserole or cheesy bacon tots?

Sign up today and get Bacon for Life, plus $100 off!

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