Planning A Tertiary Institution Formal Event

A formal event should be done properly to hit the fun associated with them. Arranging a formal event within a school could be time-intensive and stressful. In most colleges, the fests take place at least twice a year. Organizing a successful college fest needs some input of diligent work from the planners. As fraternity occasions are rare, they should be unforgettable and stand out amongst the most noteworthy events in your campus life. The formal campus extravaganza events may either be sorority or fraternity formals.

Sorority formal events can be termed as a variation of prom planned by 20-year-olds, but with extra booze. Fraternity formal is a simple weekend getaway at a hotel or resort for a fraternity brother and a date of their choice. The events are fantastic and fun experiences that help bond people together while also allowing students to get an opportunity to party and let loose of terms’ stress. Momentous formals incorporate uniqueness and customized elements that fit the group’s desires.

Tips for Organizing a Reminiscing Soiree

  1. Set a goal/target: Understand what you want to accomplish with the event. Set measurable targets for instance number of guests expected. Build objectives that will be insightful in determining budgets and schedules. When planning for college fest, you may seek sponsorship.
  2. Set a financial budget: Determine how much money you have before you start the actual planning. Costs set should be realistic. Have a plan outline of every aspect of the event and how much you are willing to spend without going overboard. Set alternatives and tier options for a smooth event even if the first choice doesn’t work out. Negotiate with vendors and research available discounts for items needed.
  3. Make a timeline: Plan in advance to help you fulfill your deadlines. Book services in advance for reassurance. Have a regular check on the plan to ensure you are on the right track.
  4. Make contracts and agreements: Choose the best suits as per your requirements and budget. Have your logistics vendors including speakers, and entertainment materials suppliers sign a prepared contract.
  5. Secure campus formal venues and choose a date: Soiree set up requires you to be flexible with timing. Consider the locations’ atmosphere and check on what will be provided e.g. chairs, linen, and tables.
  6. Create a guest list and send invitations: Invitations should be done in advance. You may include the dress code on the invitations. Spread the word about the college fest.
  7. Food and beverages: Decide and determine what kind of food is to be served. Food choices should work closely with the theme of the fest.
  8. Venue decoration: The decoration in the venue brings about ambiance and establishes the atmosphere of the event. Outdoor venues may use natures’ natural beauty. The decorations chosen should not conflict with the overall style.
  9. Review: Evaluate the set objectives to measure how far you have accomplished.


Consider seeking college management and professors’ support before organizing a fest. Look out for volunteers for the event. Assign responsibilities to the organizing committees and members.

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