Significant Things to Consider Before Investing in House and Land Packages

House and land packages are one of the best real estate investments you can make because of the potential upside and huge returns. You can rent out the property and earn rental income or wait for a few years and sell it when it has appreciated in value.

Significant Things to Consider Before Investing in House and Land Packages

However, not all house and land packages are created equal, and investing in any of them does not guarantee wealth creation; this is why it’s essential to do your due diligence.

If you’re currently searching the market to invest in real estate, then read on as we discuss the essential things to consider before investing in house and land packages in Austral.

Rate of Development

A far-reaching factor to consider when investing in house and land packages is the rate of development. This is because real estate appreciates depending on the commercial growth of an area.

Austral, which is located in South Western Sydney, is considered by many as a suburb on the rise that will experience significant growth in the next five to ten years. Investing in house and land packages in Australis an excellent real estate investing opportunity because of the fast rate of development.

Location and Accessibility

According to an article by Raleigh Realty, location is an essential factor in real estate because it creates desirability, which, in turn, creates demand and an increase in real estate prices. Accessibility is one of the bases for a great real estate location, and property should be adjacent or near critical commercial areas.

Austral is in a sweet spot because it is about 10km away from Liverpool, which is South Western Sydney’s major city centre. Austral is also 42km away from the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney. Investing in house and land packages in Austral is undoubtedly a sound financial decision.


Another thing to consider when investing in real estate, aside from the proximity to business districts and commercial areas, is the community. AZ Flat Fee shares that investing in a suburb that is desirable for families is a good investment because you rest assured that there will be demand, which will increase real estate value.

The Austral suburb is one of the best choices for families because it is near schools such as Thomas Hassall Anglican College, Western Sydney University, and Austral Public School. Austral is also near the Carnes Hill Marketplace and recreational areas such as Western Sydney Parklands.

Land Developer and House Designer

When investing in land and house packages, you are buying the land from a developer and choosing a house builder or designer. This means you must consider the credibility of the developer and builder.

You can never go wrong by choosing a reliable and trusted developer as it is an assured return of investment. Also, choosing the right house design is a must so that your commercial property becomes a desirable one.

You can go through the testimonials and reviews of previous clients or investors so you can learn through shared experience what it’s like working with a particular developer or builder. This way, it is easy for you to decide for yourself if they are a perfect fit for you.

Investing in real estate shouldn’t be taken lightly; this is why it requires due diligence since you will be spending your hard-earned money. Hopefully, this article has helped you regarding the factors to consider when investing in real estate.

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