How To Make Your Wedding Extra Special

So, you and your significant other have set the big date. Invitations have been sent, maybe you’ve had a great engagement party, but now that the time has come to plan the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, you are starting to realize that your guests have seen it all before. If you have a large family or friend group which includes lots of people of roughly the same age, yours might be yet another in a long string of weddings. Don’t panic! Here are some ideas to make your special day truly unique.

DIY Memory Wall

A memory wall is a display of photos of the happy couple, which can be literally hung on a wall or displayed on a stand and in a variety of other ways—here are some cute ideas for creating a photo display. To add a twist to this wedding tradition, leave some space on your display and ask your guests to bring a printout of a picture of the two of you if they have any. Your guests could even write a message on the back of the photo to congratulate you on your special day. If you would like to keep the display and use it to decorate your home, choose a movable stand or frame or even a cute wooden ladder.

Butterfly Release

It is a little-known fact that you can buy butterflies to release at a special event. You simply order the butterflies in a box and task a member of the wedding party with opening the box and releasing a beautiful stream of butterflies at a key moment in your wedding—perhaps at the end when your guests send you off to your honeymoon or when you share your first kiss after reciting your vows if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Just make sure to choose a reliable person who will stay sober until the critical moment, and check that none of your guests have a fear of insects!

Guest Book Quilt

Having a guest book for your wedding guests to write congratulatory messages in is a well-established wedding tradition. For a crafty twist, instead of a traditional book, buy some fat quarters and fabric markers and ask your guests to write their messages on the pieces of fabric. You can then stitch all the pieces together to make a quilt that will immortalize your special day—and keep you warm, too!

Dance Troupe

If you are worried that your guests will be a bit shy when it comes to letting loose on the dance floor, you could hire a dance troupe to provide some entertainment at your reception before opening the floor up to your guests. Hopefully, the dance troupe will get people in the mood for showing off their moves—even better if the performers agree to let willing participants take part in some of the simpler routines! Just make sure your first dance is up to scratch, or you might feel the pressure of the competition.

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