I Can’t Take It Anymore! Lego Toys UUGH!

Lego Toys

If I’ve stepped on one, I’ve stepped on a million of those dreaded Lego Toys. GRRR!

My kid’s love those pesky little, pain inducing toys. I have to admit, they are pretty cool. But man-oh-man those things hurt!

Just close your eyes and follow along with me a moment. Ok, so you can’t read with your eyes closed. So read it then try to imagine it, m’k? K.

You are enjoying the most restful sleep when you awaken slightly and feel the urge to go to the potty. You sleepily drag your booty from the bed and stumble blindly into the hallway. You’re doing pretty good for a sleep-drunk girl when suddenly, out of no where THE PAIN! OH MY LORD THE PAIN! You have stepped onto the most horrid piece of pain inducing plastic known to man… or woman. A Lego toy!

And your feet hate your for it. They scream in agony. They throb and pulsate for what seems like hours. You have a permanent little Lego shaped imprint in the bottom of your foot. Awful little buggers!

You may remember me posting about a super little sweeper that can pick them up. And it is fine and dandy. But I’ve stepped on one too many and I can’t take it anymore. I am ready to toss them ALL in the trash. They are out of here. Gone. Never to be see again!

Ok, I don’t actually hate these toys. I kind of like them. And I know as sure as I’m sitting here typing this that we WILL buy more of them. There is just something about seeing those awesome Lego creations.

But I do hate when one escapes the confines of the plastic container and finds its way into my hallway in the middle of a sleep hazed night. At that particular moment, I do hate those things!

Lego Toys Explosion

I don’t think I’ll be blowing up my house to rid it of Lego toys though. hehehe

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