Little Twig And Sparrow Pajamas

Disclosure: We received a complimentary pair of Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas as a thank you for posting their 8 Summer Sleepover Tips. All opinions are strictly our own.

Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas

A couple months ago I told you about Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas for kids along with 8 summer sleepover tips. Since then, my youngest daughter and I had the opportunity to try out a pair for ourselves. Here’s our thoughts…

When I first opened the box I thought the packaging was really neat. The pajamas come in a matching fabric bag with a button on it. This little bag can be reused for various things. I thought this was so much better than the standard plastic bag most clothing items come in.

Little Twig and Sparrow Pajama Pouch

The pajamas are made from 100% Peruvian Targuis cotton, made in Peru, and are extremely soft. When I first felt them I wished they were in my size because the felt like they would be so soft and cozy. And according to our daughter, they are!

Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas

They are very true to size. I selected a size 5 for our daughter. When I opened them they looked really long but after she put them on they fit perfectly They fit snug as is recommended for childrens’ pajamas to prevent a fire hazard. She said that they feel really good and that even though they aren’t cartoon characters or pink or purple, she loves them. In fact, she has asked to wear them every night since we got them. And that is something because she usually chooses old shorts and a t-shirt over store bought pajamas. So for her to ask to wear them and then actually do so, they must be really comfortable!

With as much as she has been wearing them, they aren’t showing any sign of wear yet. They’ve been washed and dried countless times and are still holding up great in both the fabric, seams and the shape. There hasn’t been any stretching or shrinking of fabric either. They still fit her exactly as they did the first time she put them on.

I actually like that they aren’t cartoon-y. The ones she received are dark blue with red patches on the legs and elbows. They are very sophisticated and mature looking.

Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas

Available in Cross Patch Collection and Side Patch Collection for both boys and girls in a variety of colors. Prices start at around $40.

Have you tried Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas?

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