Monitor Your Cat’s Health Through It’s Kitty Litter

What if I told you that you can monitor your cats’s health through it’s kitty litter? Would you think I’d lost it? Well, you actually can!

PrettyLitter is a subscription-based health-monitoring cat litter that changes colors when it detects issues with your cat’s health.

Monitor Your Cat's Health

I was asked to try out PrettyLitter with our cat, Honey. She has been acting out, spraying furniture, so I was happy for the opportunity! After some close monitoring of her urine and a consult with the vet, it turns out she is fine. Like we thought, she has some anxiety and when my in-laws (who also have cats) sleep over or we bring a new pet into the home, she acts out. Health-wise she is great and she took right to her new litter without any problem!

Monitor Your Cat's Health

So, how does this PrettyLItter work to monitor your cat’s health, you may ask? It’s actually pretty simple!

PrettyLitter is a non-clumping, dust-free litter made of a pet-safe sodium silica gel and other ingredients that act as indicators to warn you if something may be wrong. These indicators turn colors with the presence blood or alkaline changes in the urine.

Monitor Your Cat's Health

For instance: 

  1. Red: Detection of blood, which may indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder, etc…
  2. Blue or Dark Green: High alkaline, which may be present if your cat has certain types of urinary tract infections.
  3. Orange: Abnormal acidity, which may be a sign of metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis. Acidic urine is is the ideal environment for Calcium oxalate crystals to form. 


It’s not hard to use either. You just fill your litter  with a 2″ depth (3 or more for more cats) of the litter and go. It comes with a measuring card so you know how much you have. We have an extra large litter box and it took 2 bags. Regular sized boxes will probably only need one bag.

Monitor Your Cat's Health

You only need to fill it once per month. Because this isn’t a clumping litter, all you scoop is the poop! The urine is absorbed by the crystals so there’s no loss of litter by scooping out nasty, dusty clumps.

Scoop the feces out each day and you’re left with an odor-free box. I tested this by putting the litter box in our living room! Trust me when I tell you that Honey’s litter box is usually a funky smelling mess that has earned it’s own room. That, and I have the nose of a bloodhound. Even mild smelling things can make me nauseous. So putting it right in the family room was a true way to test for smell. Not necessarily a pretty way, but a good way.

We scooped out only the feces each evening and there was very little smell left behind! I could have easily forgotten her litter box was even in here if she wasn’t going in and out of it to use it. So, it truly left not much odor behind, after a week, other then immediately after a bowel movement, which we scooped out! I was shocked!

Also, no dust goes flying through the air when you are filling the box. I didn’t have to wear a mask and I wasn’t left sneezing and coughing after filling it up. I also haven’t noticed so much litter tracked outside the litter box. Honey is messy and not the best at wiping litter from her paws. Or maybe our old litter was just super messy. Either way, I had to constantly sweep it up, even with a mat beneath. I haven’t had to do that lately.

The monitoring system:

Check the color of the urine and if it matches one of the warning colors, check again in 24 – 48 hours. If it is still showing warning colors, contact your vet with your concerns and he/she can decide if it warrants a visit, change in food, etc…

I checked the color of Honey’s litter each day for a week and so far, it has only been a little darker in the spots she urinated. Slightly yellow but not any darker than that. So far, so good!

Monitor Your Cat's Health

How do I get PrettyLitter?

This is a subscription based kitty litter and, based on your subscription, will be shipped to your door as often as you need it. Fill your litter box once per month. Scoop the feces each day. Check the color. That’s it. Simple and easy!

What do you think? Would you use a subscription based kitty litter if it allowed you to monitor your cat’s health?

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