Where To Find A Low Cost Birthday Cake

Every year, around your birthday, you start becoming nostalgic, thinking that you are getting old and those candles on your birthday cake are multiplying. However, cake is always a reason to smile and celebrate with your dear ones the passing of time. Finding the right cake to suit everyone’s taste can be difficult, especially when your daughter is allergic to nuts or your auntie can’t stand coconut flavors.

Since you should please everyone’s taste, you know you have to find a delicious cake that also suits your budget. If you do not know any trustworthy bakery, you should also try searching for a birthday cake in your local grocery stores. CakesPrices.com offers a wide list with bakeries and grocery stores that deliver incredible birthday cakes. There you can find out about discounts, delivery timelines and prices.

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Where To Find A Low Cost Birthday Cake?

1.Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has excellent staff, with professional decorators and bakers, ready to satisfy your tastes. They are serious about offering quality services and products. The bakers working here are always ready to keep up with what’s new, updating their recipes as the customer requests it. They can customize any cake with any birthday message or design you’d like. One of their most popular cakes is the Double Fudge Cake. You can order your cake online or via phone call. However, you should know that you have to pick it up at one of their locations since the delivery service is not available.


This small grocery chain offers a wide selection of cakes, having available plenty of frostings and fillings that you can choose from. When ordering a birthday cake, you should know that the staff there bakes it and decorates in store. Therefore, you can combine any flavors you want to create a unique cake for your special someone who celebrates their birthday. Besides the traditional vanilla and chocolate fillings, Albertsons also offer Bavarian and exotic fruit fillings. If you are a fan, you can combine any filling with an Italian Crème cake. Make sure you order your birthday cake at least 24 hours in advance in order for it to be ready for pick up.

3.Food Lion

Even if this bakery offers some of the most famous flavor combinations, they vary depending on the store. Therefore, it is advisable to visit their nearest store and order the cake you want in person, after seeing all the available fillings, flavors and frostings. Unfortunately, you will not find an available online catalog. The staff there will be glad to help you with the customization of your cake’s design, using special birthday inscriptions. You should also know that they do not offer delivery service since you have to personally place the order and then pick it up.


Walmart is a big chain, owning hundreds of stores and having many years of experience when it comes to baking cakes. They provide very good service and delicious cakes. It is very easy to order a cake from them if you access their online form available on their site. By choosing the numbers of guests you will have at your party as well as the decorations and flavors, you will obtain a customized cake to suit your needs. If you are celebrating your little one’s birthday party, make sure you look at the licensed character cakes to surprise them. You will not only find affordable cakes, but also delicious ones. However, make sure you place the order a few days in advance.


Another place where you can order mouth-watering, low-cost birthday cakes is Costco. Irrespective of the preferences you have, whether it’s traditional cake, cupcakes, cake pops or cheesecakes, you can find them all here. The friendly staff is ready to bake their cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth needs. Their goodies are baked off-site and then brought into their local stores. Unfortunately, they do not take custom orders. In case you want to purchase a large quantity of one of their products, you should consider placing the orders a few days in advance.

6.Giant Eagle

At this store bakery, you can find small birthday cakes that can feed 8 persons to large birthday cakes which serve more than 40 persons. You should also know that you can place your order online. The most important thing is that you are offered the chance to customize your birthday cake’s design, frosting, fillings and flavor or you can choose from their available designs.

If finding the right birthday cake at an affordable price has always been a drag, then you should consider one of the suggestions above. You will not only find a wide variety of fillings, flavors and designs, but you will also find some that suit your budget. Make sure you choose your favorite frosting and flavor and you mention the number of guests invited at your party when you order the cake.

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