My Nioxin 90 Challenge Update

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Back in August I told you all about the Nioxin 90 Day Challenge. It is a system and challenge to regrow hair loss in 90 days. I have some good news and I have some “meh” news.

Nioxin 90 Day Hair Regrowth Challenge

My “meh” news is that it started to make my head itch nonstop and I had to stop using it. I have a pretty sensitive scalp so it just didn’t work for me. BUT I have some great news too! My mother-in-law had actually been prescribed minoxidil, the active ingredient in Nioxin, and was allowed to use the Nioxin. She has had great results!

Nioxin 90 Day Hair Regrowth Challenge

Her hair has started coming back in. It is noticeably thicker with the new hair growth and it isn’t irritating to her scalp. Her dermatologist said that her hair follicles had basically died. He said that she could use the Nioxin. Within a few week we started to notice hair regrowth.

Within 90 days it was thicker looking where the new hair had filled in the thinning spots. So it works! Her hair is looking really good.

I feel really bad that I couldn’t finish using it myself, because I want to regrow my thinning hair. I want my thick hair from my childhood back. The hair I always complained about being too thick! 😀

But I am so glad she was able to finish the challenge for me and put it to good use.

Here is my before and after from the few days. I think my hair may be parted differently so it looks thicker than it is. I didn’t get to use it long enough to really start to see any results. But here you go. I would still recommend this product because my mother-in-law had such great results!

Nioxin 90 Day Hair Regrowth Challenge

And here is her after photo. I’m sorry I don’t have a before of hers but I can tell you that it was much thinner than mine! She didn’t just have the thin streak in the middle that you see here. The strip was much wider and a lot of her scalp was showing.

90 Day Nioxin Challenge

She does have to continue to use it or the new growth will fall out. But she is happy with the results and will continue to follow her dermatologists recommendations with it.

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