NIRA Is 40% OFF Sitewide – Happy Birthday

August celebrates several birthday’s, including mine! Happy birthday to me AND to a couple of my favorite brands including NIRA and Rocky Mountain Oils. Today, I’m going to share a little about NIRA. Until August 21, NIRA is 40% OFF sitewide! And let me tell you, I am loving my NIRA skincare laser and their hyaluronic serum. Like, love love. It is my go-to device for fighting wrinkles and fine lines. I love them so much I became an affiliate so I can share all the news with you.

Happy 3rd Birthday NIRA!

NIRA Skincare 40% Off Sitewide

As I mentioned, above, from now until August 21 (my birthday 😁 ), they offering a 40% discount, SITEWIDE! Everything on their site is 40% when you shop through my link.

NIRA Skincare

Happy Birthday NIRA!

NIRA Is 40% OFF Sitewide – Happy Birthday

What is the NIRA Skincare Laser?

The NIRA Skincare Laser is a spa-grade, FDA-Cleared, and clinically proven at-home laser device used to build collagen and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

NIRA Skincare Benefits

How does NIRA compare to professional fractional laser treatments at a med-spa?
Most dermatologists use fractional lasers at wavelengths up to 1550 nm. NIRA uses the same semiconductor laser diodes tuned at 1450 nm which allows peak absorption in the dermis layers. NIRA uses a lower power per unit area and a non-fractional approach to avoid pain and redness and spreads the energy over daily treatments over time, whereas the dermatologist typically treats with all the energy in one visit per month. Over time, the NIRA device puts in more energy than most professional treatments do in a single visit and NIRA generates equal or more skin rejuvenation.

NIRA Skincare Benefits

I’ve been using my skincare laser and hyaluronic acid for a few years now. I, especially, love to use it the month before we travel. I get lazy in my skincare routine and forget to use it on a day to day basis, but I always go back to right before vacation, before my birthday and special occasions and Holidays. So, I do use it several times throughout the year, just not every single day. And I still get results!

I tend to use it more in the summer months, when I’m wanting my face to look its youngest and best. For summer vacation, I usually start using it around the last day of school/first day of summer break. I use it twice per day, for a week, for about 2 minutes each session. After one week, I like to use it just once per day, at bedtime, for 2 minutes. If you take your time, it takes about a minute per eye. It’s super easy.

I go around the orbital eye area doing the little pulses. Then I pat on the hyaluronic acid. I use my laser on the lowest or next to lowest setting. It is heat so use the setting most comfortable to you. I have fairly sensitive skin ans the lower 2 setting are perfect for me, especially when followed with the serum.

After just a few days, I notice a definite new plumpness to the skin beneath my eyes. The skin looks smoother and healthier. I love it!

My NIRA Skincare Laser Before and After

I also use it around my nose. I have these very fine wrinkles when I smile that look like cat whiskers. The skincare laser helps those as well.

I need to get a new video made, but you can see my past videos showing the laser in action over on our YouTube channel. I’ll embed them here as well:

Have you ever tried the NIRA Skincare laser? If not, now is the perfect time to give it a try! Save 40% off sitewide with the NIRA Skincare Birthday sale!

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