One Skillet Cooking. Prep A Full Meal With A Single Skillet!

Since Clay and I started following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, I’ve been on a mission to make meals, especially breakfast as quick and easy as possible. We eat every 3 – 4 hours now so I need things that are quick and easy and require very little clean-up. I get up at 5 am to get the girls ready for school. I usually grab a light meal consisting of yogurt and granola, overnight oats or an egg muffin, THM Pancakes or Oatmeal On The Go Cup that I’ve pre-made and frozen. Then I drive the 10+ miles to the bus stop. (we live on a mountain) Once I’m back, I will fix a breakfast around 9 am consisting of bacon, eggs and sauteed vegetables like okra, squash, zucchini, peppers and onions. I usually have some strawberries or blackberries on the side. It is such a great breakfast that keeps me full for hours! I do this by using one pan that allows me to prep a full meal with a single skillet! One skillet cooking is the way to go y’all!

I have a light lunch around noon – 1pm, a snack around 3 – 4 or then supper around 7. So, again, I need things that require very little fuss and cleanup. I’m telling ya! One skillet cooking saves the day!

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Ok so this photo isn’t the prettiest. Cooking bacon and eggs can be messy. But I wanted to show you how neat this pan is! I’ve included some pro-photos of the pan below, too, but wanted to show it in action.

See that circle compartment? It is perfect for making pancakes and eggs! This was my first time using the pan so it wasn’t as pretty as it could be. I’ve gotten the hang of it now, though. Sunny side up eggs work great in there but if you’re like me, and don’t like runny/dippy eggs, flipping them isn’t as easy. However, I did figure out that letting get really good and done on one side makes it hold its shape perfectly so it can be turned with a fork or angled icing spatula.

One Skillet Cooking

My favorite set of pans for one skillet cooking is the MasterPan Collection.

These pans have divided areas that allow you to cook meat, vegetables, etc at the same time without them touching each other. So I can fry my bacon in one section, my eggs in another and my vegetables in the third. I get my entire breakfast cooked in one skillet without dirtying up 3 separate pans!

 Key features for the new products from MasterPan include:

  • Detachable handle for use in oven (up to 360 degrees)
  • Safe non-stick coating for easy cleanup
  • Induction steel plate for evenly distributed heat and for use on any stove top

The pans are made from die-cast aluminum. I do kind of wish they were made of cast iron. I adore cast iron cooking so this would make these pans 100% over the top perfect for me! With that said, they do cook really well.

With the Xylan Plus coating, I haven’t had any problems with food sticking. I do use a little real butter or coconut oil to cook and the food has come out perfect every time.

The base conducts heat really well and can be used on any stove top. The heat is evenly distributed to each compartment so all the food cooks evenly.

The pans feature the detachable Bakelite handle which makes it oven safe up to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. If you remove the handle you can keep it in the oven even longer. I haven’t used mine in the oven so I can’t attest to how well they do there, but I love knowing that it has that feature. Also, if I need more room for storage, I can detach the handles, stack the pans and store the handles in a drawer. This keeps my pans neat and tidy in the cabinet.

One Skillet Cooking

The pans that are currently available are the:

  • 3 section skillet which I ADORE
  • 2 section skillet
  • Deep grill pan that is amazing for grilling meat, especially chicken breasts. You get grill marks!!!

They have glass lids that allow you to see your food as it is cooking and they have a silicon edge that helps keep them in place. So, no sliding off when you move your pan.

One Skillet Cooking

I can honestly say that these pans have made my meal prep so much easier. When I come back from the bus, I don’t want to have to wash a gazillion pans! I can fix my meal in a single skillet, wash it and be done. For more kitchen appliances and gadgets check out Kitchen Home.

There’s nothing better than single skillet cooking! Check out the Kickstarter page for even more info on this great set of one skillet cooking pans!

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