Organize Your Pantry With These Black Pantry Labels

Last fall, Clay and I bought a new-to-us house in the woods. It’s an older cabin that needs a little TLC but it has a giant walk-in pantry with large shelves. When we moved in, we were in such a hurry just to get in and get settled, we just sort of threw everything in there. I’ve never had a big pantry before, so I’m super excited to get it organized. One way I’m doing that is with custom Pantry Labels from Label Daddy.

Label Daddy Black Pantry Labels

I’ve worked with Label Daddy in the past and teamed up with them again to show y’all these awesome labels!

The pantry is all wood paneling and has 1970’s linoleum. It’s old, dark and the flooring is torn in spots. The hot water heater is in there and some tool shelves that will be moved to a new spot. Remember, I said our house needs a little TLC in the form of redecorating and a little remodeling. It’s mostly cosmetic. I’ll be painting the room a light gray. I also painted our kitchen this color as well as painting the panels in the cabinets with chalk board paint. Once I get the walls painted gray, I’ll paint the inside of the pantry door with the chalkboard paint as well. This will make a great inventory space to mark down what we need!

Pantry Before Remodel
There’s still a lot of yucky ingredients to toss out too!

I’ve started painting the shelves white and will put shelf liner on once the paint dries so cans won’t stick to it. I’ve made labels to go on the edges of the shelves (seen in photo above) but I wanted larger labels on containers. I bought some really cute containers at Walmart that will hold all my Trim Healthy Mama supplies, coconut and almond flours, whey protein, etc. The black, custom pantry labels from Label Daddy are perfect for these containers!

Right now, I have the containers sitting on my hutch along with all my THM products, teas and True Citrus products. It is in the kitchen so I want it to look as organized, neat and tidy as possible. These labels look so good on the containers!

Label Daddy Black Pantry Labels

The pantry labels are round vinyl labels. They are black and the writing is transparent. You can choose pre-printed labels with standard pantry items like flour, sugar, coffee labels, etc printed on them or you can customize your own text. Because we are following the THM way of eating and no longer eat white flour or sugar, I chose to customize mine for the products I use.

Label Daddy Black Pantry Labels

With the transparency of the text, your contents show through if using a clear container. Or the color of your canister shows, making them blend perfectly.

The pack contains 9 circle labels – 2.75″ in size.

I love that I can organize my pantry with customized pantry labels. These labels give my pantry and shelves such a nice, sleek look. I plan on ordering more as I add more products to my pantry!

What are your favorite products from Label Daddy? Have you used their Pantry Labels?

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