Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set – 5 Pieces: Get Smooth Legs Quickly

During the summer, we girls love to have silky, smooth legs. Shaving gets tiresome when you have to do it every day so we decided to try waxing with the Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set for our first leg waxing experience. (video included). Since we’re waxing newbies, we opted for a sugar wax, which is said to be less scary. It’s washable in warm water so if you chicken out, you can just rinse it off. I’m all about that.

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Parissa® Sweet Sugar Wax Set

I’ve always wanted to try waxing my legs, but honestly, I’m scared! Ripping the hair out by the root is going to hurt. Period. But, I’ve heard that using wax strips is better than using an epilator (which I have used), since it gets more hair at once. It’s over and done more quickly, whereas an epilator only pulls a few at a time and takes longer. Ok, that makes sense to me.

As I said, I chose the Parissa® Sweet Sugar Wax Set. The instructions were super simple and I was confident that the girls and I could use it successfully. And we did! WOOT!

Parissa® Sweet Sugar Wax Set

Our Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set came with everything we needed for successful leg waxing.

Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set Contents:

  1. Wax warmer with silicon insert
  2. Face and Body Sugar Wax
  3. Reusable Waxing strips
  4. Waxing spatulas
  5. Skin Soothing Oil

The warmer melts the wax to the perfect consistency, like honey. It takes a bit of time so we opt to place it in the microwave for 10 second intervals, to get it melted a little more quickly. Then, we place it in the warmer to keep it melted and warm. That method worked perfectly for us.

Waxing Legs With Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set
Waxing Legs With Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set

The next step was to place the wax onto the skin using one of the wooden spatulas. This is where it gets a bit messy. I covered our chair with some aluminum foil in case of any drips. Next, you put the wax on in the direction of the hair growth. You just smooth it down with the spatula. You want an even, thin coating.

Then, you place the waxing strip over the wax and smooth it down, pressing the wax into the hair. The waxing strips are fabric and reusable. They can go in the washing machine but I just wash them out in the sink with some hand soap.

After you have the strip down, hold the skin taught, roll the edge of the waxing strip up just enough to create a “handle”. You want to be able to grip it firmly.

You will then “zip” the strip off by pulling up the leg. Do NOT just rip it off the skin. You want it to sort of roll up the leg. This will pull the hair out without pulling your skin off. Make sure you are holding your skin taught when you do this.

Move on to the next area, applying wax and zipping off the hair.

When you’re done, apply the Parissa Skin Soothing Oil. This oil smells amazing and works really well to soothe the skin, using essential oils.

After that, you’re done waxing and your legs (or other areas) are silky and smooth and ready for summer dresses and swim suits.

You may have some red bumps for an hour or so after but that typically goes away pretty quickly. It’s just from pulling the hair out. 😂

I highly recommend starting with a sugar wax versus regular wax since it can be rinsed off. This makes clean up much easier as well. Everything washes up with some warm water and soap.

Easy and done. It took off a lot of hair, as you can see in the video. I do recommend having, at least, 2 weeks minimum hair growth. I’d say a good 1/8 – 1/4 inch so the wax can grip the hair well. Shorter hair will still be there and you’ll feel stubbly. So a bit longer is best.

Do you prefer to wax or shave? I think I prefer to shave unless we’re going on a beach trip, then waxing is best. I don’t want nicks from shaving when I’m getting in the ocean! The Parissa Sweet Sugar Wax Set was ideal for us.

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