Pet Astrology: What Star Sign Matches Your Pets Personality?

Have you ever thought about the star sign of your pets? Find out more about pet astrology, and whether the personality of your pet matches it, with this guide.

Pet Astrology

Dying to learn more about pet astrology?

Did you know there are astrological signs that indicate whether a pet and owner are compatible? Astrological signs are just as accurate for pets as they are for their humans.

Understanding zodiac signs will give you better insight into your own personal relationships. They’ve been used for thousands of years by people around the world. They are a tool to help you sharpen your perception and deepen your understanding.

And these signs can be used just as successful at evaluating pets and their behaviors. Read on when you’re ready to better understand and deepen your bond with your furry little friend.

Pet Astrology 101

As you read the following pet zodiac signs, pay close attention to the attributes associated with each. But use some of your own judgment. For instance, Scorpios tend to be focused on themselves and get what they want.

That definition also pretty much sums up all cats. It does not mean all cats are therefore Scorpios. When you evaluate your animal, evaluate it against others of its own species and breed.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

The Ram is the sign of Aries. It’s ruled by the planet Mars which is known as “the bright and burning one.” It’s ruled by both passion and drive.

Aries is a fire sign which gives Aries pets confidence and strength. Taking “no” for an answer is not in their nature. So, when your pet doesn’t obey, don’t take it personally.

Fortunately, Aries pets are also extremely smart and playful. They strive to be the center of your world and, sometimes, your possessions. They’re inquisitive and self-assured which can sometimes lead to getting into accidents.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

The Bull is the sign of Taurus. It’s ruled by the planet Venus which is known for beauty, love, and gentleness. Taurus is also an earth sign and therefore full of willpower.

Your Taurus Pet wants to have its cake and eat it too. When it’s determined to do something, it’s going to do it.

On the flip side, Taurus pets are inherently shy. They need to feel love and safely more than other pets. They love to feel loved, but only when they’re in the mood.

Balance and a peaceful environment are the keys. Loud noises and lots of people stress them out more than other pets.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The Twins are the sign of Gemini. It’s ruled by the planet Mercury which is related to intelligence. Gemini’s an air sign and has an earth spirit.

Pets with sun signs in Gemini tend to be the portrait of duality. They’re both aggressive and passive. They’re positive and negative. They’re outgoing and reserved.

Gemini pets would rather guard than be subservient. They tend to connect with many people rather than a single master.

They’re also quick learners, and they love to exercise. So get them moving often. Fortunately, they’re also smart, so they learn quickly and love to play.

Unfortunately, they can also be nervous eaters, and they suffer anxiety if left alone.

Cancer (June 21-July 20)

The Crab is the sign of Cancer. It’s ruled by the moon, a sensitive, emotional, and nurturing planet. Cancer is also ruled by water, so it’s fluid and always moving.

Animals born under this sign tend to be sweet natured and loving. They need continual reassurance and love being around their masters. You may think about investing in tools that help relieve pet anxiety. Also, new people and places make ill-tempered, so keep them close to home.

Cancer pets are nurturers and great companions for other pets or children. They also love food, so watch their diets closely.

Leo (July 21-August 20)

The Lion is the sign of Leo. It’s ruled by the sun which is noble, generous, and warm. Leo is ruled by fire, so it has the energy to burn.

Leo pets love the outdoors, and it’s a challenge to get them to stay inside. If you want to see whether they’re going to run off today, you may want to check their Leo daily horoscope. Pet horoscopes can give you clear insights into the mood and therefore the behavior of your pet on any given day.

They also love to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, that often means making noise. The best part of Leo pets is they’re the most pets in the zodiac.

Virgo (August 21 -September 20)

The Virgin is the sign of Virgo. It’s ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect. When Mercury and Virgo are combined, they create the calmest pet in the astrological line.

The Virgo pet does well with stress. Like Taurus, Virgo love routines and hate change. They love to speak and follow you around.

Libra (September 21-October 20)

The Scales are the sign of Libra. It’s ruled by the planet Venus. Pets under this sign tend to have trouble focusing and making decisions.

That makes them hard to train. Fortunately, they’re also happy-go-lucky and loving. They’re bound to ruin your things, but they’re always in good humor.

Scorpio (October 21-November 20)

The Scorpion is the sign of Scorpio. It’s ruled by the planet Pluto and tends to be highly emotional.

Scorpio pets are strong of body and of mind. They tend to get what they want and influence everybody around them. But they need structure.

Without it, they’ll take advantage of everyone and everything.

Sagittarius (November 21-December 20)

The Archer is the sign of Sagittarius. It’s ruled by Jupiter and loves a challenge. These pets tend to be outgoing, kind, and curious.

They love physical affection and making people happy. Unfortunately, this also means that they get picked on by other dominant-focused animals. They’ll want to be with you all the time.

They’re great for a single pet home only if you’re home with them. Otherwise, they tend to get separation anxiety.

Capricorn (December 21-January 20)

The Goat is the sign of Capricorn. It’s ruled by Saturn, on of the most grounded zodiac signs. Capricorn pets tend to be refined, clean, and intense.

They love to exercise, but don’t sleep as well as other pets. They also tend to do better alone than with other pets.

Aquarius (January 21-February 20)

The Water Bearer is the sign of Aquarius. It’s ruled by the planet Uranus with is the most intelligent and intuitive zodiac sign. Aquarian pets are, in short, unpredictable.

They move from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. They can be difficult because their mood and interests change from moment to moment. Unfortunately, that often means they have no intention of doing what you’d like them to do.

Fortunately, they do well around other pets. Any other pets. If you want to match up a mouse with your dog, for instance, an Aquarius dog would be your best bet.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

The Fish is the sign of Pisces. It’s ruled by the planet Jupiter. Pets under this sign are particularly sensitive to what’s going on around them.

They tend to know how their humans are feeling, and comfort them in times of need. They also deal with stress well, so they make good companions in public.

What’s Next?

Well, what did pet astrology tell you about your pet? Are you two compatible? If you didn’t already know this, you can use that same compatibility check to find out whether one of your pets is compatible with another.

If not, it might be time to find another home for at least one of them. Remember, your pets deserve to be happy too.

Did you find what you were looking for in the sections above? Then skip on over to our library and browse our other pet related articles. We love pets too!

So long and good luck!

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