Portable Water Flosser: See My New #1 Travel Must-Have

One of my travel must-haves is a portable water flosser. My dentist actually recommended I use a water flosser versus regular dental floss. I have hereditary periodontal disease and the portable water flosser is soothing to my gums while also being more gentle when removing food particles and cleaning between my teeth and beneath my gums. My favorite that I’m using right now is the H2ofloss Portable Water Flosser Dental Oral Irrigator available at Amazon. I especially love it for travel!

H2ofloss Portable Water Flosser

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H2ofloss Portable Water Flosser

H2ofloss Water Flosser is rechargeable and completely portable. It comes with a large variety of flosser tips. There is even a toothbrush tip and tongue scraper/cleaner! The others are great for folks that have dental devices on their teeth, like braces.

H2ofloss Portable Water Flosser tips

One other tip it comes with is for teeth whitening. There are tablets that can be purchased, separately that go inside this tip and help whiten your teeth. These contain xylitol which is big in the dental world BUT is toxic to dogs so please use with caution, if you have dogs. Make sure you keep the container where they can’t get to it.

H2ofloss Portable Water Flosser whitening tablet

The tablets taste pretty good. A couple of the ingredients are peppermint extract, xylitol and sucralose. So, they are minty and sweet tasting. I haven’t used them long enough to know if they are whitening my teeth, but my mouth does feel very fresh after using them. It has that cool minty feel, which I love.

For the H2ofloss Water Flosser, I mentioned how great it is for travel. It comes with a travel bag that holds the flosser, charging cable and all the tips. So everything is ready to pack. It is small so it fits perfectly in with our toiletries.

The unit may be travel sized, but it packs a punch! I have to use it on the first and lowest setting because the others are just too powerful for my gums. If I have something really stuck in a back tooth though, like steak, I’ll go up 1 or 2 levels and it blasts it right out. Then, I lower it back down to finish flossing.

The water compartment is very easy to fill. There is a door/opening on the back near the bottom. Just open it and fill it. It holds enough water to fully floss my teeth. The top portion can also come completely off. I take it apart when I’m finished so it can dry between uses and I always wash the tip when I’m finished as well.

One thing I do, although I’m not sure it is ok with this unit, is add a splash of my mouthwash with the water. Just a splash. This is because, with my periodontal disease, I need to really make sure it gets between my teeth well. Again, the dentist recommended it to me. So, just a splash in the reservoir with the water. I do this when I’m NOT using the whitening tablets and my mouth feels amazingly fresh and clean!

The unit is fairly quiet compared to other portable water flosser I’ve used. They’re all a bit loud but this one didn’t give me a headache or make my brain feel like it was vibrating. You know what I mean? Some are just so loud and forceful. Even as powerful as this was it was ok.

Since I have a table top unit already, this is one product that will go into my travel bag. I don’t want to be without it, away from home, so I’ll keep it exclusively for traveling. When I know we have a trip coming up, I’ll take it out and make sure it’s fully charged, then pack it back up and off we’ll go!

Have you ever used a Portable Water Flosser? For me, it’s a must have travel accessory!

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