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Oh my goodness, y’all! I am so in love with essential oils. When I jumped on the EO bandwagon, I jumped hard! And I’m not looking back. I am loving getting my home toxin free as much as possible. Not to mention, all the ailments I can treat with essential oils, versus OTC medications. You’d be surprised what you can treat (safely and with proper dilutions and guidelines) using essential oils. I have a few places I buy from and one of my most favorites is Rocky Mountain Oils.

I bought a few things from them and was amazed at the quality of the oils, the customer service and my overall shopping experience. Everything was packaged so nicely! My oil came in a cardboard tube to protect it!

Rocky Mountain Oils Clove Bud Oil And Personal Handheld Diffuser

I became an affiliate so I can share all the latest and greatest deals and promos with you all. I don’t want anyone to miss out on anything they have to offer! With that said, when you shop through my link, I will earn a small commission with no extra costs to you. This helps us keep our site maintained and lets me bring these great deals to you.

Great deals like 20% off your entire order at Rocky Mountain Oils. This offer is fabulous! But, like all good things, it is only for a limited time, so you’ll want to get your orders in.

Rocky Mountain Oils 20% Off

In case your’re wondering what they have to offer? Here’s 2 of the items I personally ordered and love.

  • Clove Bud Oil
  • Personal Handheld Diffuser

I wanted Clove Bud oil to help with toothaches, not to mention it smells wonderful! All their oils are GC/MS tested and the results are on each, individual oils page. Each page also gives a description of the oils, usage ideas and safety precautions. You can also find customer comments, questions and reviews.

The oils are high quality and very potent.

Rocky Mountain Oils Personal Handheld Diffuser

The other item I have to show you is the personal handheld diffuser. I. LOVE. This. Diffuser! Oh my gosh, you guys! I used this handheld diffuser every. single. day. Seriously. I use diffusers throughout my home but there are times I just want a quick mist of a specific oil or blend and not just a whiff from the bottle.

I mainly got this for travel and using in the car during long drives. But I’ve found myself using it each day. Currently, I have a citrus blend in it and a few times a day I’ll just turn it on and mist my face. It is so nice to just relax a minute and breath in the aromatherapy. And if you hold it close to your face, with or without oil, you get some hydration to your skin! I am in love with this little device! I’ll talk a little more about it in a few weeks.

I have an order placed for more things and will share those with you, as well, as soon as they come in. But, for now, I wanted to just show you a couple things and let you know about the awesome 20% off deal!

So, from August 10 – 15, head over to Rocky Mountain Oils, using my link and the code ALL20OFF to save 20% of your TOTAL order!

Details of this deal:

20% off entire order

CODE: ALL20OFFClick here to order

  • Start: August 10th 12am MT
  • End: August 15th 11:59pm MT

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Do you use essential oils? What is your favorite oil or blend?

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