Show Your Kids Proof Of Santa’s Visit. Santa License

Do your kids need proof that Santa really came? I bet a Santa License would work!

I told you all the other day that we don’t always do gifts from Santa. We used to every year but after Hubby was laid off right at Christmas one year and we didn’t have money for gifts, we decided to just let the gifts be from us from then on. Because how do you explain to little kids why Santa couldn’t bring them anything more than small trinkets that year? We didn’t tell the kids anything about Santa being real or not. That is for them to decide. But they do know now that “most” of their gifts come from us. Mommy and Daddy want to pick out their gifts. And we leave the explanation at that. And they are satisfied. Sometimes the big guy sneaks one in for them. And this is one of those years. If they’ve been extra good they get a Santa gift. Sort of a little bonus.

Ok. But when we did do all the gifts from Santa, they sometimes wanted proof. More than the gifts and eaten cookies. They wanted physical proof. We did the photo one year where you take a photo of your tree and then add Santa in. That was cute but the next year they didn’t believe that we had managed to capture him twice.

So we needed something else. And this year, I have the perfect thing in mind. It is actually on its way to my house as I type this! It is Santa’s License. It is so perfect!

Santa License

Santa’s License is so great. You leave it in a noticeable place, like beside the tree and when your kids come in Christmas morning to get their gifts, they notice the license. Proof that Jolly Ole St. Nick was there!

Things To Know:

  • Santa’s License is a genuine looking novelty Sleigh Driver’s License issued to Santa Claus, from the North Pole Department of Public Safety.
  • Santa’s License was designed based off of real state issued driver license
  • Featured on the back side of Santa’s License you’ll find a realistic magnetic strip and barcode, as well as a list of endorsements and restrictions
  • It is mailed in a plain envelope so the kids won’t suspect a thing. (aka Secret Shipping)

PRICE: $7.49 with free shipping in the US

Three lucky folks are going to win their very own Secret Santa. OPEN TO U.S. residents. Giveaway ends: 12/21/12 Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below


It might not make it in time for Christmas morning this year but you can either save it until next Christmas OR let your kids find it a day or so after. Even better!!!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Santas License as a part of this post. All opinions are my own.

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