Smartphone Lenses Make Your Phone Photos Pop!

My very first smartphone had an 8mp camera that took the best looking photos. They were bright, clear and didn’t look like they had come from a phone. My new camera is less expensive than that one was and doesn’t take very good photos. It certainly doesn’t capture the entire area. I rely on smartphone lenses that can be attached to the existing camera.  This lets me get a wide angle shot for group selfies, landscape photos, etc.

One of my favorite brands is Limelens and I teamed up with them for a comp set to share with you how they work. I like these because they are compatible with, virtually, every new phone that is currently on the market. And the ones that aren’t on their list may still be compatible! Like my 3 phones. None of them are on the list but I am still able to use these smartphone lenses!

The kit comes in a nice, zippered box and contains three clips, called Limeclip, and 2 lenses, both giving you a wider view of what you are capturing.

Limelens Smartphone Lenses

The Limelens smartphone lenses kit includes:

  • The Thinker: a dual macro/wide lens with protective caps
  • The Captain: a 190 degree fisheye lens with protective caps
  • 3 Limeclip clips
  • Guide for installing the clip
  • Cleansing cloth

Limelens Smartphone Lenses

I’m not a huge fan of fisheye lenses so this one wasn’t my favorite in terms of personal use but the Limelens fisheye lens does give a really cool effect to photos. It certainly grabs more of the area that my plain phone lens.

I love The Thinker macro/wide lens. With my cheaper phone, I was able to capture much more area in my photo than with my phone camera lens alone. It works great for group selfies! My friends and I have some trips coming up for us adults and I can’t wait to use this lens, along with my selfie stick, to get some group shots on the mountain!

The lenses are super easy to use. There are 3 clips to choose from depending on where your camera lens is on your phone and the layout of your phone buttons.

Once you choose the right clip you attach it with the self-stick adhesive. Then you can place the smartphone lens of choice in the clip and start taking photos.

Limelens Smartphone Lenses

The only downside I see is that you have to keep the clip adhered to the phone all the time. So if you want to use a phone case, you have to put the Limeclip on your case instead. I wish that it was an actual clip that could clip on the phone and be removed each time.
Limelens Smartphone Lenses

I like that these smartphone lenses and clips come in such a nice travel case. I can pop in my “go bag” or purse and head out. I don’t worry about using my big camera for landscape photos because I can get more area in my photos now without having to do a panoramic. So there is less bulk to carry on vacation.

This item is on our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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