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Back in September, I reviewed the Smart Seat Chair Cover. It is a great mom-made invention that protects your kitchen chairs from spills and stains. I have both wooden seat chairs and fabric covered chairs in my dining room and my smaller children love the fabric seats. I prefer these for them as well because they are softer and just feel safer to me. But I don’t love the messes and stained cushions that come along with it. The Smart Seat Chair Cover has saved my chairs!

Here is the review I posted in September and below that you will find a BRAND NEW giveaway sponsored by MomPact and consisting of: Set of 2 SmartSeat Chair Protectors, Lebibble, HuggaBebe, PaciPlushies

Original Post: #Mompact Blog Hop: Smart Seat Chair Cover Review and #Giveaway.
As a mom of four, my fabric covered dining chairs really get put through the ringer. Literally. They are scrubbed down almost as often as they are sat upon. I’ve tried grocery bags, garbage bags, bath towels, regular dining chair cushions. You name it, I’ve probably already given it a shot. And yet, my children (and some other family members) still manage to spill something in my chair or drop food and really grind it into the fabric. My chair fabric is pretty much ruined. And while I also have wooden dining chairs, the fabric ones tend to get used the most. So I needed something to cover them that would stay in place and actually be waterproof. Because if you spill an entire glass of iced tea on a towel covered chair, guess what? It still soaks through the towel. And if you have plastic under the towel, well it all just slips off of the floor and the chair still gets wet.


So, I was very pleased to be selected to review the Smart Seat Chair Cover. It is made of waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable fabric that is extremely soft, almost plush or micro suede-like. The cover has 4 very long straps so it fits virtually any chair you have. You start by folding one front strap around a leg and pulling it underneath the chair. Pull a back strap from the opposite corner and wrap it around its leg. Attach the two straps together under the chair. Then repeat with the other two. This will create a criss-cross under the chair. Then tuck in any extra fabric. It is ingenious and stays put! I put it to the test with my wiggly little four year old and the cover didn’t budge. Not once. She dropped food and water and it didn’t soak through either. My chair was as clean after she finished eating as it was when she started. YES!





You can see in the photos above how well it covers my chair. I needed to smooth it down a little more but it goes on very easily and the fabric is fairly stretchy so you can pull it where you need it. It fits nice and snug because you can secure it in place with the velcro on the straps. You can also see how nice and long the straps are. I had plenty left and just simply gave it a little wrap and tuck when the chair was upright to keep it from hanging down. It was unbelievably easy to put on my chair. Here is a video from their YouTube channel that shows exactly how to put the cover on.

You can see the video in my original Smart Seat post.

The covers have a pricing structure so that the more you purchase, the more you save:

Units Price Per Savings
1 to 3 $19.99
4 to 5 $17.99 10%
6 to 7 $15.99 20%
8+ $14.99 25%

It fits a huge variety of chairs as pictured below and Colors include:

  • Sandstone Tan
  • Chocolate Brown (The one I have and it is beautiful)
  • Midnight Navy Blue
  • Metro Black

Aggregate Image of SmartSeat Chair Protector

It might seem a bit pricey but in the long run, these covers save you a ton of money in new furniture. As messy as mine get, I would spend a fortune just replacing the chairs or even just the fabric on them. With the Smart Seat Cover, if there is a spill, I can just toss it in the wash and clean it right up. So it is actually a very great value and a fantastic way to protect your furniture. And, as mentioned, if you need more than one you save by buying 4 or more. When I first received it, I didn’t see how a $20 chair cover could win my affection. But after using it for a week I can honestly tell you that I LOVE it! And it will remain on my chair for the younger kids to sit on.

You can currently find the Smart Seat Covers online at and other online retailers such as Amazon.

You can follow Smart Seat on FacebookTwitterYouTube and their blog.

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