Subscription Boxes: Boost Creativity With Monthly Art Box

My kids and I all love to do arts and crafts. Clay even gets in on the fun from time to time. He likes to color and paint so any time there is color involved, he’s game to try it out with us. We all love those subscription boxes that are so popular right now and one way to add some fun to arts and crafts time is with a monthly art box.

Last month we told you about a fabulous art subscription box service called Smart Art Box and we loved it so much we decided to give it another shout out by reviewing the Feb. box too! We received a complimentary subscription as a thank you for showcasing the service. And we couldn’t be more pleased!

Each month Smart Art Box subscribers will receive a new box with a different project to try out. The January box taught us how to paint on canvas and this month we made Venetian Masks!

Smart Art Box Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

The kit came with everything we needed to create our Venetian Masks including:

  • White Paper Mask (Colombina-Half Mask)
  • Ebony Short Handle Paint Brushes (Round 4; Wash ½”)
  • Turner Acrylic Gouache Set Of 6
  • Creative Mark Ultimate Glitter Glue Bronze
  • Instruction guide

The guide has a bit of history surrounding the project as well as inspiration for creating your own mask.

All three of our daughters wanted to help out with this project. There are two masks included and I wanted to work on this particular project with our oldest daughter. I didn’t want the little ones to feel left out, though, so we cut one mask out of the extra cardboard canvas space on the lid of the box and another out of cardboard so they could participate too.

Smart Art Box Subscription Boxes

My daughter and I spread newspaper on the table and set out to make our masks. She has a fractured wrist and at first, was in a cast up to her armpit. She was bound and determined to help me with this project. Luckily, she was able to get a shorter cast this week, making it a little easier to create her mask.

The masks are made from a sturdy white paper so she started by using a pencil to draw out our design on the masks. Then she painted each section. Once the paint dried she added glitter glue to give them some sparkle.
Smart Art Box Subscription Boxes

I think they turned out beautifully! This was a project that was fairly easy and very fun. The paints were easy to use and mix for different colors. The paint brushes were the perfect sizes and the masks were very easy to work with.

Smart Art Box Subscription Boxes

I would definitely love to receive subscription boxes that were based on art projects. I think this is something that would be a great gift to, not only receive, but also to give to a college student majoring in art or a high school student or adult looking to learn more art techniques.

One thing I love about Smart Art Box versus other subscription boxes is that they allow you to order past boxes. If you browse through their past boxes and find one you would love to try, that isn’t sold out, you can order it! Subscription plans are available in one month ($49.95), three months, 6 months and a year at a time. I love that you can try it for a month first to see if you like it.

Smart Art was created by a small group of friends, driven by the desire to see the world and experience the culture created by historical visionaries. Along the way, they found inspiration in the many mediums found everywhere, from the poorest of villages, to the most prestigious of cities. Each medium expressed the artist’s individual communities, heritage and personality. For this reason, inspired by the passion portrayed in their art, a new determination was born to pursue and discover the many exciting art mediums across the world.

Together, we are committed to ensuring artists understand art and it’s many mediums throughout time in order to create a better understanding of the world around us. Our mission is to deliver products that kindle creativity, stimulate exciting new techniques and establish a deeper connection with art for everyone.”

Each month subscribers receive a new box featuring:

  • A different artist that highlights their time period
  • 8 or more FULL SIZED art supplies
  • A unique project
  • A pamphlet detailing a new art medium

What do you think? Do you like to do arts and crafts? Do you think a subscription art box service like this would be something you or someone you know would love to receive each month?

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  1. Mom and I used to get a monthly craft kit (this was back in the 60’s!). Making projects together is one of my sweetest memories.


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