Change Up Your Summer Hair Style With Half Wigs!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I am so sick of my current hair style and color. I used to always keep layers in my hair. Long layers and face framing layers. I don’t look good with most short hair because my face is big and round, and once I cut it, I’m ready for long hair again within a week. But there are times I’d love to try out a shorter hair style for a day or so or even a wavy hair style. My hair is super straight and rarely holds curl. Especially in the summer.

I’m also sick of my mousy brown color. I can’t decide if I want to go lighter, darker or bold. I’ve been eyeing some photos of mermaid hair and oil slick hair and I think it’s gorgeous! But, I’m afraid to commit. What if I spend all that money getting my hair done and then hate it? I’ve been thinking about trying out a coupleΒ half wigs. Then, I could try out different hairstyles without having to commit.

Divatress Half Wig Hair Style

I’m in love with the Sangria color and even the style in the photo above. I know my hair is different than the model in the photo. I don’t even know if these wigs will match my hair type. But I do love the style and color and would love to give it a non-committal try by using a wig. The wigs at Divatress are awesome too. There are ton’s of styles and colors. They offer thousands of wigs and hair care products.

Wigs are great for moms, like me, looking for a change. They are also great for students, hair stylists, women battling thinning hair or hair loss and, really, anyone who wants to try out a new hairdo for awhile!

I’m gonna go have a better look around theΒ Divatress website and see what else I can find! Have you ever or do you currently wear a wig or half wig?

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