Don’t Lose Your Camp Gear With Summer Camp Labels

If your kids are going to be traveling to summer camp this year, make sure they have labeled all their belongings! One way to do that is with custom labels from Label Daddy. I teamed up with Label Daddy and Us Family Guide to show you a really cute set of their summer camp labels!

I’ve reviewed Label Daddy zipper tagsΒ and luggage labels in the past and those are also great for personalizing your camping gear. This time, I’m going to show you labels that can go on items such as coolers, sleeping bags, clothing and more. The ones I picked have emojis! Emoji’s seem to be all the rage right now, so why not add them to my labels, right?

I chose the medium sized all purpose labels so I could attach them to anything we might need labeled, not just clothing or hard items. To personalize these labels you start by adding your name. I added “The Martin Family” so they would work for any of us. Then you choose your icon or no icon. There are several to choose from and are categorized like MLB, NBA, NHL, common Camp logos from camps around the US, basic icons like smileys and flowers, monsters, princess, trucks and emojis.

Summer Camp Labels

The emoji icons were so right and colorful I just had to try them. Next you choose your font style and color and then choose if you want to add laminate for $5. I recommend always choosing this option. It adds waterproofing to your labels and helps keep them from fading.

Since I plan on using these on camping gear and luggage, I added the laminate option. My kids don’t attend camp so they don’t need summer camp labels but we do travel and will need labels for that. Also, if my Girl Scout troop decides to do an overnight camping trip, I’ll want all my gear labeled so I don’t leave anything behind.

Summer Camp Labels

My labels arrived quickly and are super cute. They are bright and colorful. I do wish more of the emoji’s showed, though. On the example the emoji icon is round and features several different emojis. On the actual label, they are on the edge and you don’t see the full emojis. Instead, they’re sort of peeking around the corners. It’s still cute but the example was even cuter. So I was a little disappointed with that. I like how they are laid out, just wish you see more of them.

The labels themselves are thick and heavy duty feeling. The adhesive sticks really well and can be used on a variety of different surfaces. I’ve used them on our cooler, folding tables, tent, camping chairs, beach bag, cabana and beach loungers, picnic gear, etc. I place them on everything that we use for travel or may take to others homes or outings.

Summer Camp Labels

They’ve held up with all the wear and tear a family of 6 could give them!

Overall, though, these labels are great and if your child is headed off to summer camp or if you are going on a camping trip or traveling with your family, these are one way to ensure everyone knows which gear belongs to you!

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Do you use summer camp labels with your kids? If not, I highly recommend these from Label Daddy!

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