Texting While Driving Versus Drinking While Driving

Last week, my family and I went on vacation. While driving, someone passed us and almost caused a very serious accident. Not only was it raining but they were TEXTING on their phone while driving in hazardous road conditions! They were NOT paying attention to the roads or the weather or the cars around them. And they almost caused a wreck. I think that sending off a text message while you are driving is a pretty dumb idea. You’re distracted, plain and simple.

If you need to fire off a text that badly, pull the heck over and do it. Then go back to driving. For one, it just isn’t safe to text and drive and if you end up in a wreck it could even cause you a lot of financial hardship. You’ll have medical bills, and your car will probably be worthless . You’ll end up having to sell it to a cash for cars company like https://www.cashforcarsco.com/ and get a lot less then what it was previously worth.

With that said, I’ve been wondering since then if the punishment for texting while driving should be the same as drinking and driving? They are two very different things that could result int he same outcome. While with texting, you are simply distracted, with drinking you are physically impaired. But if they both can end in the same result, a possibly deadly accident, shouldn’t they be treated in the same manner as far as punishment?

Texting While Driving Versus Drinking While Driving

I found this article online that talks about Drunk Driving vs. Texting while Driving. It shows facts of the legality of texing while driving. Did you know that in most states, all but about 7 actually, texting while driving is illegal? It should be in ALL states. It also shows us which states it is a primary offense.

Also, did you know that in three states texting while driving a school bus is NOT illegal? Say what? NOT ILLEGAL to drive a school bus carrying our kids and texting at the same time. That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Those states seriously need to get on that bandwagon!

The fines in each state for texting while driving can vary too. They can range from as little as 425 and go up to $10, 000! That some hefty fines. Oddly enough, I don’t see any fines that high for drinking while driving. I think drunk driving should automatically result in a suspension of license on the first offence AND carry a hefty fine. But that’s my opinion.

About 8 states don’t send you to jail for drinking and driving. Again, I think they all should. On the same note, there are only two states that require jail time for texting while driving.  So it seems like some of the punishments for texting and driving and drinking and driving are the same while some are vastly different.

Since these are two different situations that can cause the same exact outcome, I’m curious. What do you think? Do you think that the punishments should be the same for both texting and driving and drinking and driving? And in any case, please don’t do either one!

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  1. Crystal, the story that you shared about the driver text and driving in the rain sounds really scary. In comparison of how drunk drivers and drivers who text are somewhat similar because both of them do swerve a lot. From a few stories that my friend tols me that happened to his aunt is that she ended up in a car accident with a drunk driver who somehow was also texting. This type of situation she carried out to several dwi defense lawyers.


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