6 Quick Tips To Get A Good Night Sleep

I have been suffering from a bout of insomnia lately. But, that’s ok. I have tips to get a good night sleep and I’m going to share them with you!

A couple times per year, I will suffer from insomnia. It, typically, only lasts a couple night. My insomnia is almost always from stress and an overactive mind. Occasionally, a medicine or drinking caffeine too late in the day will have an impact, but usually it’s stress related. I have a few things that I do to get myself back on track and into a restful state.

Follow my tips, below, and you’ll be on your way to a restful and good night sleep!

Tips To Get A Good Nights Sleep

Tips To Get A Good Night Sleep:

1. Get your Thoughts Out

The simple fact is, you can’t relax if your mind is cluttered. To combat that, I will spend 10 – 15 minutes before bed letting myself think all the thoughts. Sometimes, I’ll even write them down or make all my notes for the next day. This lets me get the negative out of the way so I can relax and fall asleep easier. Get your thoughts out of your head before trying to lay down!

2. Set The Stage

Sleep and relaxation happens easier if the room you are sleeping in is calming. That may look different to different people. For instance, I prefer a cool, completely dark and silent room or white noise like rain or a waterfall. Clay, on the other hand, prefers sound in the background like a TV or music. I cannot sleep if the TV is on! I tend to focus on what I’m hearing and then I’m up listening or watching the show. I just can’t do it. To combat that, I go to bed before him. He will watch TV until he’s nice and relaxed and then go to bed. It works well for us.

For some, a relaxing room may be ambient light. Battery operated t-lights or a nightlight would be just the thing. Me, pitch black is the way to go!

Some folks prefer a warm room. I can’t sleep if I’m too warm. So, Clay and I both prefer a cold room with soft, fluffy blankets we can cuddle under or toss off if we’re too warm.

So, set the stage but set the stage for YOU. What do you prefer when it comes to falling asleep?

3. Deep Breaths

A few deep breaths can help clear your mind and steady your heart rate. This will help you calm down and put you in a better state for going to sleep.

4. Pray Or Meditate

I always say my prayers before bed. Some folks meditate. Whichever works for you is great! And either one will relax you and help ease any tension or burdens you may be carrying throughout the day. Let your mind clear itself. It helps!

5. Use A Sleep App

There are several apps in the app stores these days geared towards relaxation and sleep. My favorite, however, is Stellar Sleep. I love it so much I joined their affiliate program! Let me tell you a little about it and how I use it, personally, to alleviate insomnia moments and to get a good night sleep.

Stellar Sleep is an app that provides tips and advice on how to clear your mind so you can actually rest at night. There are features that let you input your sleep from the night before, a wake alarm, sleep alarm, 45 minute night sounds to fall asleep by, daily tasks to learn sleep tips and even a journal. It’s a fully featured sleep app!

Stellar Sleep App Profile

I log my sleep each day, from the night before, around 5 PM. This let’s me add in any naps I may have had during that day. Not that I ever get a nap, but just in case. Like when I’m sick. I can also make note of how long it took me to fall asleep, how long I was awake during any wakeful periods, etc.

Each time you log your sleep and complete your daily activities, in the Stellar Sleep app, you earn a new badge and your “sleep garden” grows. They are super cute and just an enticing way to keep using the app, aside from the fact that it helps me get to sleep!

(click images to enlarge)

On the “Sleep log” page, you will find a log of each days sleep results with journaling, your badges, insomnia index and your sleep efficiency and sleep duration logs. This is really helpful. It shows me the days I had the best sleep and lets me get a look at what may have been stressful for me that day/week. I can then work on those areas for getting better relaxation during those types of days.

On nights when I’m overly stressed, I’ll use the sounds in the app, as well, to help me relax even more. In the “relax” tab, you’ll find your gratitude journal, worry journal and different relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep. There are also practice areas where you can practice breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and listen to bedtime stories.

This app can also be connected to apps like Google Fit for more tracking.

Stellar Sleep really is a fully featured sleep and relaxation app!

There is a coupon at the bottom of this post.

6. An Oil For That

I am an essential oil fanatic! I LOVE using oils, especially for relaxation and calm. My absolute favorite is a roll-on recipe I got in one of my Simply Earth recipe boxes. It is called Moon & Back. It uses  Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Copaiba and Ho Wood Essential Oils; oils all known for their calming abilities. I roll it onto my wrists pressure points and on the palms of my hands. Then I rub my hands together gently, cup them and breathe deeply. This goes along with tip #3: Deep Breaths.

Now, I’ve said many times that what scent/oil works for me may not work for you. For instance, Lavender Essential Oil is one of my go-to oils when I’m feeling stressed out. I adore the fragrance. Keep that in mind because I do not do well with floral scents, but Lavender is amazing to me! With that said, you may hate Lavender so much it won’t be calming to you. So choose an oil that does help you relax, if something like the Moon & Back roll-on doesn’t help you. Everybody is different!

And there you have it. Those are my 6 tips to get a good night sleep. No matter what, at the end of the day, do what works for you. These tips are basic guidelines and a place for you to start if you’re suffering from insomnia. They’re not the be all end all method. If you give them a try and they work for you, let me know! I love to read your comments and would also love any additional tips you may have.

Either way, I hope you get a good night sleep!

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Stellar Sleep
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