50 Wahl massagers to 50 deserving moms this Mother’s Day!

Do you suffer from back and muscle aches?

As a mom of four, I know all too well how stressful being a mom can be. And it can take its toll on a woman’s body. My back aches, not only from being on the go all day but from childbirth itself! My first child was turned wrong and I had 23 hours of back labor. My second child had very serious complications during birth and I spent hours after her birth standing in the NICU and then walking and trying to soothe her after we brought her home. Our third child was in a super hurry and basically fell out without any more than one push. And our fourth child was breech and I ended up having a c-section. The anesthesiologist didn’t have me quite numb enough when she went in with the spinal catheter and hit a nerve or something causing me to jump in pain. My back has been through it! And I feel it every minute. So a nice, relaxing massage would be Heavenly! I recently received a Wahl Deep Tissue Massager and let me just say…….. ahhhhhhhh.


It. Is. FABULOUS! Thank you Wahl for inventing electric massagers! As you can see in the photo above, it comes with four different massage heads. Hmm, I can have a different massage for each of my four types of births! hehehe It has an adjustable speed setting so you can have as much or as little vibration as you need. And let me tell you, it really massages. I had it on the slowest setting because my back really is very sensitive. My husband used it on my back but the handle is plenty long enough that I can use it alone. The pointy looking tip is for the deep massage. I prefer the one you see on the massager. It feels more like fingers and seemed to really work my muscles in a pleasant motion. My husband, on the other hand, lift heavy pipe all day and he preferred the deep tissue tip on a faster speed.


I was able to massage my neck, back and calves and felt like I had been to the spa afterward. It really did give a great massage. You can see in the photo above just how long the handle is. The Deep Tissue Massager has a super long cord too so you can sit on the bed or in a comfy chair and be comfortable.

Some massage benefits that really got my attention are:

  • Massage can increase blood flow, which effectively reduces pain tension, relieves muscle tension and soothes inflammation.
  • In addition to providing effective pain relief, massage can also greatly improve circulation, regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and provide an immense feeling of relaxation, all of which contribute greatly to physical and emotional well-being.

I have high blood pressure so that caught my attention right away!


Wahl – the company that invented the electric massager – is giving 50 massagers to 50 deserving moms this Mother’s Day.

  • Beginning April 26 and running through May 13, those who like Wahl Home on Facebook can nominate a mom to win a mom relief package from Wahl, whether it’s your mom, grandmother, wife, daughter, a friend or yourself.
  • To enter the Mom Relief Initiative, simply post a comment explaining why the mom on your list deserves relief—maybe they’re a single mom who does it all, a working mom who never takes a break, a grandmother who’s always been there…every mom has a story and every story matters.
  •  Entries will be judged on their uniqueness and sincerity and the winners will be selected once the contest wraps up on May 13. Stories MUST be submitted before then in order to be considered.

If you get a chance, come back and let me know if you entered and if you or someone you know win!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary Wahl Massager as a member of Mama Buzz Media. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

2 thoughts on “50 Wahl massagers to 50 deserving moms this Mother’s Day!”

  1. Abstaining from whining or knowing when it’s the right time to ask will help you convince mom to get you what you want..

  2. The massager is lovely and i think that it deserves every mother to have it. Moms is always been busy in taking care of her family and due to stress we experience, we need to relax our body and the massager can be the best idea to be relaxed.


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