Cold Dipping In A Cold Pod: Have You Tried It?

Cold Dipping. Have you tried it? Have you ever even heard of it? I’m not talking about a Polar Plunge, although it is the basic idea. With cold dipping, you gradually ease yourself into a tub of cold water, like the Cold Pod. I was gifted a unit, for Clay, and can’t wait to help him use it! He has gouty arthritis and suffers from extreme joint pain in his entire lower body. Cold pool water always helps with his pain so I’m praying this is the answer he has been looking for! If you have medical/health issues consult with your medical provider BEFORE attempting cold dipping, especially if you have heart problems!

The Cold Pod: cold dipping tub

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The process of dipping into cold water is called “cold exposure therapy”. Your blood vessels will constrict to help hold that heat in at your core while the remainder of your body will feel cold. It is said to help with potential pain relief and muscle recovery, weight loss, immune strength and more.

How To Use A Cold Pod: aka cold dipping:

It’s easy to do at-home with a tub, although an item like the Cold Pod XL (the one we received and will use) works much, much better, It is a cylinder shape, so you can submerge your entire body (not your head) at once and get the full effect and benefits.

Place your Cold Pod somewhere you can fill and drain it easily. The XL is gigantic so you’ll want a large area to set it up. I will use our shower since it’s pretty large. You could also use a supported outdoor deck or patio. Put on a light swimsuit (or go nude if you have the privacy) to get the most skin exposure. Have someone with you for safety reasons and have plenty of warm towels standing by for when you exit the Cold Pod.

You can use just cold water from the tap or you can add some ice to the bath. I’ve cold dipped before, in a soaker tub, and prefer just using cold water. You’ll fill the Cold Pod to 6 inches below the top ring, then take a deep breath and let it out. Next, you’ll step in. Your feet and legs will be the first part to feel the cold. Remember to BREATHE!

It’s easy to hold your breath at the initial cold shock but don’t do that. Take a good deep breath and exhale it slowly. Then breathe normally for a few breaths.

Next, lower yourself into the water a bit. I like to get on my knees at first. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly. Then breath normally a few breaths.

After you’ve acclimated to that, lower yourself more. I like to dip my belly button into the water because it’s always a shock to me when cold water hits it. Then I lean my chest into the water, take a good breath and release, then lower myself fully into the water.

That whole process only takes a couple minutes. I feel like acclimating to the cold water is pretty quick. You may be different so take your time and go in at your own pace. Some folks like to just get it over with and plunge in. To me, that’s too much of an initial shock to my system so gradual is key! The ideal range for cold dipping is typically between 50Β°F to 59Β°F.

You want to stay in the water for at least 2 – 5 minutes. You really don’t need to stay in any longer. You’ll get the benefits quickly.

Then get out, safely, and warm up.

Post-dip recovery: Have warm, dry clothing ready for when you finish cold dipping. Drink some hot chocolate, tea or warm lemon water and/or take a warm bath to reheat your body. I like to get into my warm pajamas and sit with a heated blanket or heating pad and blanket, while drinking some hot chocolate and watching a good movie.

Since we’ll only use the Cold Pod XL a couple times per month, it’s a nice treat after to have a warm drink and cozy up!

Cold Pod Bio

“The Cold Pod is a product born from a passion for cold water dipping, designed to bring together communities of sea dippers and cold dippers. Our name, ‘The Cold Pod,’ refers not only to the structure in which you dip, but also to the sense of community and belonging that develops among groups of cold water enthusiasts. We are a ‘pod’ in the same way that dolphins are a pod, united in our love of the cold dip experience.”

The Cold Pod sets up super quickly. With the Holidays fast approaching, I didn’t have time to do a video. Plus, I wanted to get it back down and wrapped for Clay, since it’s a Christmas gift for him. It took less than 10 minutes to set up. It will take a bit longer to fill with water, of course. All I had to do, though, was insert 8 leg poles into the slots, use the hand pump to inflate the top ring. Inflating it took like 3 seconds. Super easy! Then stand it up, fill ‘er up and you’re done!

It comes with a lid to cover the top when not in use, a storage bag, drain hose, pump to inflate the top ring and repair patches in case you need them. So, basically, everything you need minus cold water and yourself.

If you know someone who loves cold dipping or who could benefit from it, the Cold Pod would make an awesome Holiday gift!

Have you ever tried cold dipping? If so, what tips do you have for the process or for warming up after?

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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