DIY Strawberry Flowers And Hair Accessories #tutorial #diy

One fruit that makes people think of spring and summer is the almighty strawberry. These berries are usually bright red, cone-shaped, and juicy sweet. A surprising detail that you might not be aware of is that strawberries belong to the rose family. No wonder they are the perfect inspiration for floral arrangements and cute hair accessories! When it’s cold and snowy outside, just thinking about berries and blossoms can give a housebound crafter hope that warm weather is on the way.

I have a tutorial teaching you how to makeΒ DIY Strawberry Flowers And Hair Accessories.

DIY Strawberry Flowers And Hair Accessories


Gather Your Supplies

If you are ready to craft flowers inspired by strawberries, then gather up your supplies. You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • A lighter for sealing ribbon-edges
  • Red grosgrain ribbon 1.5-inches in width, cut to a 15-inch length
  • Green ribbon 1/8-inch in width
  • Strawberry print ribbon 7/8-inches in width, also cut to a 15-inch length
  • Black felt cut into a 1.75-inch circle
  • A red flatback strawberry resin


Follow These Steps To CreateΒ DIY Strawberry Flowers And Hair Accessories

After you’ve accumulated your materials, follow each of these steps:

  1. Seal all ribbon edges using the lighter, so they don’t get frayed and fuzzy.
  1. Overlap the red ribbon and the strawberry-printed ribbon by a fraction of an inch, so they are layered, but both visible.
  1. Thread your needle, knot it, and start to sew.
  1. Start at one end of the length and sew using a basting stitch.
  1. As you sew, tighten the thread slightly to gather the ribbons.
  1. When you reach the end of your ribbon, push the needle through so it ends up in the front. Now pull your needle and tug your thread so it bunches up into a flower.
  1. Turn the flower over and stitch a secure knot.
  1. Join the ends together with a line of glue from your hot-glue gun.
  1. Now, flip over your flower and notice how cute it is!
  1. Glue your felt circle into the center, which will hide your stitches.
  1. Glue your flatback red strawberry resin to the felt.
  1. Attach a miniature bow made from the narrow green ribbon.

You can use this same technique to create other hair accessories, too, by following the same steps, but altering the theme. For example:

  • Go pink: Use pink ribbons and pink strawberry resins
  • Cupcakes and ice cream: Follow a sweet motif, by altering ribbon color/pattern and opting for cupcake or ice cream cone flatback resins
  • Watermelon: Use hot pink or red watermelon resins and aligning ribbon
  • Cherries: Craft with pink or red cherry flatback resins and aligning ribbon

There you have it: summer and spring-inspired hair accessories to start off spring the right way!

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