Download These Printable 2020 Glasses Photo Props

I say this every year, but, 2019 has truly flown right by! I can’t believe his year is almost over. Heck, this DECADE is almost over! Blink your eyes and, boom, it’s 2020. Just a few short weeks away. It’s crazy to think about. Even so, I’ve created some printable 2020 glasses photo props for you to ring in the new year with!

I try to make a new set each year. I love having photo props for Instagram photos and parties. It adds so much fun and gets everyone in the festive mood!

We had a pretty good 2019 so I’m ready to celebrate. We were able to travel a little and had loads of new blogging and vlogging content. We started a new travel website for our family travel called The Martin Family Adventure. That’s one of our favorite accomplishments this year. It’s still, slightly, under construction but we had a soft launch so please check us out and subscribe to our newsletter, YouTube and social channels for our new travel site. Future travel articles will be posted there, more than here.

Printable 2019 Glasses Photo Props

Now for your 2020 printable glasses photo props.

Click the link below to download your free, Printable 2020 Glasses Photo Props. They are in PDF form so just save them to your computer, open and print them, preferably on card stock like this brand from Amazon (affiliate link).

Once they’re printed, cut out the stars in the center and wrap the tab around a straw, stick, skewer… something sturdy to use as a handle.

Make sure you also print out the 2019 Printable Photo Glasses for photo props to end 2019!

Has 2020 been a busy year for you? Did it bring any new, exciting changes? Leave us a comment, below, and tell us how your year has gone. We love to hear from you all!!!

Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy your Printable 2020 Glasses Photo Props!

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