Hedgehog Hand Towels: Adorable 2 Pack Bathroom Accessory

I have found the cutest bathroom accessory. Check out these adorable Hedgehog Hand towels! Just look at the fuzzy ball towel. It’s in the shape of a hedgehog! It is soft, fluffy and oh so cute! I love the fun and whimsical touch it adds to my bathroom decor.

Our guest bathroom hasn’t really had much of a theme since we’ve lived here. Mine and Clay’s personal bathroom has a beach theme but the front bathroom just hasn’t had any decor TLC. These little hedgehog hand towels have inspired me to give it more of a fun and whimsical look. Maybe a woodland vibe.

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I think I’ll probably add some plants. My youngest daughter has been wanting some shower plants so those would be a great addition. Pothos vining down from a shelf would be super cute. Little mushrooms and fairy lights, along with the hedgehog hand towels will add more of the woodland/whimsical touch I’m after. Oh I can’t wait to decorate this bathroom now!

Sophie And Panda Hedgehog Hand Towel

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Sold by Sophie & Panda, these towels are made from microfiber but it’s the super soft kind, not the kind that finds every nick and dry patch on your skin. I can’t stand that type of microfiber. These are minky and feel amazing to dry your hands on!

They come in a set of 2. Each fuzzy ball towel has a loop and comes with an included hook to hang them from. They are machine washable and can go in the dryer. If you don’t want to use it as a hand towel, it would also be super cute as a small decorative pillow! Their intended use, though, is as a hand towel.

Sophie And Panda Hedgehog Hand Towel
I had taken a horizontal picture of the 2 together but it disappeared from my uploads! I’m sorry this is kind of small.

They work really well too! There is sort of a learning curve to using them if you’re used to really getting in there when using a hand towel and rubbing it on your hands. With these, you just sort of pat your hands dry. Pat the fronts and backs of your hands. You can also pat in between your fingers. Honestly, that is how you’re supposed to dry your hands anyway!

Hedgehog Bath Towels Details:

  • Fuzzy Ball Shape
  • Microfiber Chenille
  • Sustainable Material
  • Machine Washable And Dryer Safe
  • 30% More Absorbent Than Regular Towels

Save 15% with my code: cmartin

Sophie And Panda Hedgehog Hand Towel

Sophie & Panda Hedgehog Hand Towels

These adorable fuzzy ball hedgehog hand towels are the perfect usable accessory for your bathroom!
Save 15% with my code: cmartin

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