I Relieve Pain And Anxiety Naturally With Locally Grown Hemp CBD Oil

Have you ever used hemp CBD oil? Do you use it regularly? What ways have you found hemp CBD oil works for you?

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I have been using hemp CBD oil for a couple years now, under the advice and guidance of my doctor. I’ve written about that before and you can read that story here. Long story short, I suffer from menstrual pain that puts me in the bed for a couple days. CBD allows me to function and move. Hemp CBD is NOT the same things as marijuana. The do both contain CBD but they are 2 totally different plants that do similar things. Hemp does NOT give you a high feeling. Just to put this out there, I don’t smoke anything and don’t recommend doing so. I do support the use of HEMP CBD oil.


This is my, personal, opinion of what hemp CBD oil does for me. I make no medical claims as to the effectiveness. This is not medical guidance. ALWAYS seek the care of a medical professional before trying any new supplements and use at your own risk.

I also suffer from anxiety and CBD oil calms me and helps me relax in stressful situations. When my anxiety is particularly bad, I have trouble falling asleep. For me, I’ve found that using a full spectrum CBD oil under my tongue, along with spritzing my abdomen with a magnesium spray, helps me relax and fall asleep quickly, with no bad dreams or restlessness. I also diffuse essential oils and use them in skin and health care products. This combo works really well for me and I’m not left feeling lethargic or medicine-headed the next day! For me, natural is the way to go!

I’ve tried a couple different companies. Each time I try a new one, I give you all the details. Some I love and some I don’t. And a couple, I loved, at first, but they fell short along the way and I stopped recommending them.

My newest bottle is from a company called 43 CBD. (affiliate link) They grow their artisan hemp, locally (meaning in the US) in the Colorado mountains. It is pure and organic and you can actually tell the difference in the product!

The guys there sent me a couple products to try out for myself. I received a bottle of their USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg) in cinnamon flavor as well as a 75 mg salve. They also have it available in peppermint, natural (unflavored) and seasonally in Pumpkin Spice. I want to try that one!

Their ingredients list is simple. Aside from the flavor extract, it includes only:

  • Natural Colorado CBD Oil Extract
  • Organic Golden Hemp Seed Oil

It is certified USDA Organic so there are no pesticides, no heavy metals, and no microbes. It is just pure and natural hemp CBD oil.

Mine is full-spectrum CBD oil. That means is contains a naturally occurring trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Their full spectrum CBD oil never exceeds 0.3% concentration by weight, per state and federal regulations and definitions of industrial hemp. You will NOT get a high from this! It only makes it a bit more powerful in terms of how it works. You can also get THC free which does help tremendously, but I feel that trace amount really balances the product and helps it work. They also carry salves, pet products, capsules and massage oils.

Ok, so how did I like 43 CBD?

Well, for starters, the taste is great! You definitely do get that “green” hemp taste. But the cinnamon flavor really balanced it and made it not seem so bitter. In my personal opinion, if that hemp taste doesn’t come through, the product seems almost watered down and doesn’t work as well. So I look for that now. I could be way off on that, but it hasn’t failed me yet. So, this one did have a slight bitter aftertaste, but the cinnamon balanced it really well and I didn’t mind the taste at all. I feel the peppermint and Pumpkin Spice will be the same. Strong flavors tend to balance the taste really well. If you can’t tolerate the taste, mix it with something. Cinnamon would be awesome in apple cider or apple sauce and peppermint would be great in peppermint tea! You can also use a couple drops in your belly button instead of under your tongue if you absolutely can’t handle the taste.

My bottle is 1000mg. It is powerful and it works. I have been using only a couple drops under my tongue each night. Not droppers full, just individual drops. 2 – 3. I never have, like, a noticeable reaction. I just gradually relax if that makes sense? I don’t feel it, it just works.

On particularly painful days, I use 1/2 – 1 dropper full at the onset of pain. Within 10 – 20 minutes the pain has dulled and within an hour it’s nearly completely gone. Listen folks, I’m talking pain that nothing else will even dull. Even other CBD products only ever dull it enough for me to function. So, for it to be basically gone in an hour, and I can get up and move and get things done…. I’ll take that!

Also, I don’t have to use it multiple times per day, like with some others I’ve used. It’s been more “one and done” for me. I”ve had to use it maybe twice on the really bad cramp days. Once in the morning and again at bedtime. That’s better than every 4 – 6 hours like I was using another brand. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still like some of the others, but this is one I’ll use on my bad days because it works.

The salve is 75mg. I used it on a (crafters) cramp I was having in my hand and it really helped! It also softened my skin and left it silky and smooth. I keep it beside my crafting table so it’s there when I need it.

Ok, this post is really long. I just wanted to introduce you to 43 CBD and let you know that, so far, I’m having great results. Another family member is also very impressed. She suffers from horrible anxiety (worse than mine) and noticed a difference in one dose. ONE DOSE and she was able to calm and sleep through the night. This girl NEVER sleeps. But she has been getting rest and I’m so happy for her.

Again, this is not meant to be medical advice. I’m just sharing our results with this product. Out of all the CBD oil brand I’ve tried and shared, this is my absolute favorite. The prices are good. The products are great.

Please let me know if you try anything from 43 CBD. I’d love to hear your personal results as well!

43 CBD Solutions

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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