A Cleaner Way to Do Laundry: My Review of HeySunday Detergent Sheets

Today I’m going to talk a bit about HeySunday Detergent Sheets. With an environmental biologist sister, a plant-crazy partner, and more than one close friend known to wander through the woods and “commune with nature,” it’s safe to say that I am painfully aware of the climate crisis. Now, don’t get me wrong, I genuinely sympathize with the desire to reduce pollution and protect the planet; I even spent a full semester in college studying transnational water boundaries.

That said, I’ve always been a bit skeptical of so-called “greenwashing,” where companies market themselves as eco-friendly while doing little to actually help. When I do find a real, impactful way to put my money where my mouth is, though, it’s always a cause for celebration.

So, after a friend sent me an article about traditional laundry detergents, their environmental impact, and how detergent sheets were supposedly “changing the game,” I figured switching to a more sustainable alternative might be a low-investment way to live a greener life.

I started browsing options, and that’s when I found HeySunday.com.

HeySunday Laundry Detergent Sheets

Why Eco-Friendly Products Work

While I’m likely not going to run out and chain myself to a redwood any time soon, I still try to find sustainable, convenient ways to reduce my environmental footprint. Whether it’s paper bags, buying local produce, or walking instead of driving whenever possible, I’ve found that small, day-to-day changes accumulate into a significant difference.

Very early on, I experimented with various ways to achieve environmentally friendly and green ways of cleaning and upcycling old clothes. Custom patches are one of the methods I choose. When there are stains or minor damage to the clothes, I can patch them by customizing the patterns and materials I like. In this way, it not only enables the recycling of the clothes but also shows my personality style and adds beauty.

custom patches

Earlier, I referred to “low-investment” options, but I didn’t mean to imply that these choices don’t matter. In fact, it’s the opposite. Personally, the stress and guilt surrounding the climate crisis can easily become overwhelming if I spend too much time dwelling on it. For me, that’s why eco-friendly products are so valuable.

By making small parts of everyday life more green, you succeed in making an individual difference without wearing yourself ragged. In terms of laundry, HeySunday’s detergent sheets give me an additional opportunity to make an impact.

Trying Out HeySunday Detergent Sheets

HeySunday Laundry Detergent Sheets In Washer

Before I landed on HeySunday.com, I researched an exhaustive list of the best detergent sheets. Unfortunately, most of the other companies seemed like carbon copies of one another. They all had similar packaging, nearly identical claims, and—most worryingly—mixed reviews about how well they clean your clothes.

That last bit was what worried me most. On top of living a relatively active lifestyle, I also spend most of my free time cooking for my friends and family. And, while I like to think I can put together a mean Friendsgiving, I’m also known as one of the messiest cooks in the world. That meant I needed a detergent that could actually get the job done—eco-friendly or not.

Right as I was beginning to think that I would be forced to choose between a clean apron or a clean conscience, however, a friend recommended HeySunday, and I ordered a box.

Due to my experiences with other detergent sheet brands, I always expected to sacrifice a small amount of cleanliness and stain removal. With HeySunday, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my laundry came out as clean, if not cleaner, than with my old detergent.

By the time I was halfway through my first box, I knew that I’d be permanently switching to HeySunday’s laundry detergent sheets.

HeySunday’s Benefits for Me

Although I’ve already touched on some reasons I switched, it might be helpful to outline what I consider to be each of HeySunday.com’s most valuable benefits. In order of importance to me, these are:

1. Efficacy

I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t want that change to come at the sacrifice of cleanliness and efficiency. Warm, fresh-washed sheets are one of life’s simple pleasures, and I needed a detergent that reliably delivered. And, with an active lifestyle, a love for red sauces, and one very large dog, I also needed a product that could handle sweat, stains, and mud. HeySunday.com’s detergent sheets passed these tests with flying colors—even when washing whites.

2. Price Point

Before I began my research, I had already expected to pay a little more for an eco-friendly product. Whether it’s straws or detergent sheets, reducing your carbon footprint rarely comes cheap. Instead, it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that one package of HeySunday’s detergent sheets was far less expensive than my previous detergent. As a bonus, having my detergent in a sheet rather than liquid form helped me keep track of my supply and only reorder when necessary.

3. Eco-Friendly Ingredients

HeySunday Laundry Detergent Sheets Dissolved

Some people would say this point should be first on the list, but I thought it obvious that any eco-friendly product should have eco-friendly ingredients. Even so, HeySunday.com’s ingredient list went above and beyond. With all of its products taken from sunflower oil and other natural sources, these detergent sheets checked every box when it came to green living. Additionally, HeySunday.com specially designed its formula with skin health in mind—a fact that my sensitive-skin partner very much appreciated.

HeySunday Laundry Detergent Sheets Texture

How HeySunday Compares to Other Brands

MetricsHeySundaySheets Laundry ClubClean People
Cost Per Load of Laundry– $0.33 for a one-time purchase- $0.23 with a subscription– $0.40 for a one-time purchase- $0.30 with a subscription – $0.34 (96 pack)- $0.29 (192 pack)- $0.26 (96 pack with a subscription)- $0.24 (192 pack with a subscription)
Available ScentsOcean BreezeFragrance FreeFresh LinenFragrance FreeFresh ScentFragrance Free
Vegan and Cruelty FreeXOnly claims to be cruelty freeX
Third-Party Testing and Ingredient SafetyXUnclear if third-party tested Unclear if third-party tested 
Eco-Friendly Attributes100% plastic-free and packaged in biodegradable and compostable materials– 100% plastic-free and packaged in biodegradable and compostable materials- Offers carbon neutral shipping100% plastic-free and packaged in biodegradable materials
EffectivenessContains 7 surfactants (most effective)Contains 4 surfactants (moderately effective)Contains 4 surfactants (moderately effective)
Washing Machine CompatibilityAll machinesAll machinesAll machines
Sensitive Skin CompatibilitySuitable for sensitive skinSuitable for sensitive skinHypoallergenic
Ideal Water TemperaturesHot and coldHot and coldHot and cold
Free ShippingXFree shipping on all orders over $12.99X

Why You Should Give HeySunday a Spin

HeySunday Laundry Detergent Sheets stack

Simply put, switching to HeySunday.com’s detergent sheets was a no-brainer for me. They’re cheaper, greener, more effective, and produce less mess than the detergents I’d used before. While I was admittedly hesitant before my first purchase, those doubts lessened after my first load of laundry and vanished after using them to clean a white, muddy paw-printed blanket.

Now, HeySunday.com’s detergent sheets have earned a permanent place above my washing machine.

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