High Bridge Park And Overlook

My family and I live in Kentucky and while it isn’t a location we are able to visit often, the High Bridge Park and overlook is a beautiful place to picnic and enjoy some Kentucky history. This is a place we’re happy to add do a day trip now and then.

High Bridge Kentucky

About High Bridge Park:

In the aftermath of the Civil War, a major north-south railroad route was deemed vitally important. The Cincinnati Southern Railroad picked up where the defunct Lexington and Danville railroad had left off. A new cantilever bridge was designed by Charles Shaler Smith to be built at the same location as the previously planned suspension bridge.  Tim Powell

High Bridge Park And Overlook

When you enter the park you will notice several covered picnic areas. These are all considered “first come, first served” and do not need to be reserved. You can pack a lunch that morning and take your family to the park to enjoy some fresh air, scenic views and playing on the playground. There are porta potties on site for using the restroom.

There is also a covered pavilion that can be rented for a fee giving you access to a kitchen and indoor restrooms. The county holds many functions at the parks large pavilion. The pavilion has electricity and running water. It is often booked two years in advance so you need to call ahead to see if there is a weekend free.

This post was going to be mostly about the park. My photos of the park and picnic grounds didn’t turn out. But we’re heading back there soon and I’ll have a follow-up post.

High Bridge Kentucky

So let’s talk a a little about the bridge and overlook instead.

Did You Know? (I didn’t!)

At one time High Bridge was considered the tallest bridge in the world. Because it brought in many tourists at that time, things like a pavilion and picnic areas of High Bridge Park were established. It is said there was once a restaurant there too but that is no longer there.  As tourism dwindled, care and maintenance  weren’t what they once were. The park has been renovated and the pavilion restored. It is nearly identical to the original. You can see photos of the original park pavilion here.

We have attended family reunions at the current covered pavilion and they were wonderful.

Behind the large pavilion is a cantilever overlook featuring an information board detailing the history of the bridge and the area. This gives you a great view of the bridge where you can see trains cross over as well as the Dix river below. There are farms on the edges of the river and you may be lucky enough to see a horse or two as well as river boaters below.

High Bridge Kentucky

High Bridge Kentucky

High Bridge Park isn’t a fancy travel spot. And there really isn’t much there other than the park and overlook. But if you’re looking for a beautiful place to take the family on a picnic or a family-friendly playground or a place to host your wedding or family reunion, that holds a lot of  history, High Bridge Park is the place to go!

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Have you ever been to High Bridge park in Kentucky? If so, what did you think?

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