Save On These Beautiful Totes And Hand Bags By Le Clé

I love carrying a purse. I love tote bags, beach bags, crossbody bags, purses, etc. And I love it even more when I find a great deal on them! I have some cool discounts for you on 3 beautiful bags by Le Clé. These deals and links are in our sidebar as well so you can grab them easily.
I have a video, below, showing you a more in depth look at these bags.

I have new photos of these coming next week! We had to go out of state at the time of this posts publish and I didn’t get the additional photos uploaded. I will on Monday!

The first bag I am going to tell you about is a crossbody bag: Canvas Rivet Crossbody Satchel Bag LA-035.

La Clé Fashion Bags

This crossbody is different than the ones you usually see in that it is horizontal, not vertical. Most crossbody bags I have are long but not very wide and, therefore, don’t hold much. This is more like a regular purse with a crossbody strap.

It has two square zippered pockets on the front with a flap that closes over both. There is a zippered pocket on the back as well as one on the inside.

There are also several flat pockets on the inside with no closure. These are great to keep pens, hand sanitizer, packs of tissues, cell phone, lipstick, compact mirror, and other small items you need to grab quickly.

It has a nice bottom that lets my wallet and other items sit upright in.
The original price is $32.99 but you can get it $25.99!!!

Use Code: CMLC0035

The 2nd bag I want to share with you is the X-Large Family Shopper Tote Shoulder Canvas Tote LA 017.

La Clé Fashion Bags

We are planning a trip to the beach next summer. Our first ever! I plan on using this bag as our beach bag.

This tote is huge! I have 4 full size beach towels, flip flops, sunscreen, wallet, aloe, baby powder, sunglasses a beach ball and more items in this bag and there is still tons of room for more! It works great for carrying groceries but I’m really excited to take it to the beach!

The bag is made from a really nice, thick canvas and has a rope carrying handle that is secured through grommets in the bag to help protect the fabric and add stability to the handle.

There is a zippered pocket as well as 2 flat pockets on the inside. The bottom is flat and helps keep all your items neatly organized

The original price is $21.99 ,use the code, but you can get it for $12.99!!!
Use Code: CMLC0017

The last bag I want to show you is one of my favorites. It is the Water Resistant Large Shoulder Tote LA-037.

La Clé Fashion Bags

Like the canvas tote this bag is gigantic. I have my laptop, iPad, wallet, keys, cell phone, vacation binder, word search, pens and a bag with personal care items and there is still a lot of room for more.

The bag is water resistant and wiped down very easily with a damp cloth. It has a zippered top, zippered pocket on the back as well as pockets on the inside.

One feature I really like in this bag is the padded pocket for my laptop or tablet. It adds support and protection to my electronics. There is another pocket on the padded pocket that can hold your charger, etc.

The bottom is nice and flat and also has 4 “feet” to help keep the bag upright and the bottom protected.

The original price is $49.99 but you can get it for $46.99 !!!
Use Code: CMLC0037

All three of these bags are really great and serve different purposes. I’d definitely put them on my Christmas wish list!

Check out our video review of Le Clé bags:

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