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Makeup by One Direction

Disclosure: We received complimentary product as a member of BrandBacker to facilitate our review. all opinions are strictly our own.

Our oldest daughter is in middle school and we are beginning to allow her to wear small amounts of makeup. I’m not a pro by any means but I do know how to apply make-up and I am teaching my daughter that there are times when you want just a subtle hint of color and times when you may want to go for a bolder look. At her age, it’s subtle all the way. We recently received a set from the new line of Limited Edition Markwins International Makeup by One Direction and we couldn’t be happier.

Makeup by One Direction

Makeup by One Direction

When I first heard about the line, I figured it would be over the top colors and that the makeup itself wouldn’t be very good quality. But I was wrong. Both my daughter and I tried the makeup out and we both love it. There are three kits available and the colors are based on the bands hit albums. Each comes in a keepsake tin. The kit we received is called “Take Me Home” and includes the following makeup items:

Makeup by One Direction

  • “Little Black Dress” Mascara
  • “I Wish” Chubby Eye and Body Crayon
  • “Live While We’re Young” Nail Varnish
  • “Last First Kiss” Lipstick
  • “Kiss You” Liquiights Glow Gloss for lips
  • 4+1 Eyeshadow Pallete
  1. “Back For You” velevet creme
  2. “Change My Mind” – peachy shimmer
  3. C’mon C’mon – soft taupe
  4. “Little Things” – smoky brown
  5. “Take Me Home” golden glitter creme
  • 5 Piece Decorator Stencil Set that can be used to decorate anything you wish including your skin. (use it with the Chubby Eye and Body Crayon to decorate your hands, face, neck, etc.

Makeup by One Direction

The eyeshadow pallete it my favorite. The shadows are all creamy and have great pigmentation. They go on smoothly. I didn’t notice nay creasing or settling into fine lines. It stayed on all day. I LOVE the colors. The peach, browns, and gold really make your eyes stand out. They are very easy to blend. The tin that the kit comes in also offers 3 “looks” that you can try out to compliment your eye color.

Makeup by One Direction

Makeup by One Direction

My daughter likes the mascara. It is black and the wand is your standard mascara wand. The mascara contains beeswax so if you’re allergic you might want to avoid that. My daughter didn’t experience any irritation with it and it seemed to stay on all day with minimal smudging. Her lashes are really long and full even without mascara but it really made them stand out and gave even more volume.

Makeup by One Direction

She also loves the Chubby eye and body crayon. She wears it as eyeliner. Even though it is a chubby stick, it is super easy to apply in a thin line. It is creamy and goes on very smoothly. it also stayed on well throughout they day.

I think that the lipstick is really pretty. It is pink and looks great on a teen. It has a nice creamy texture as well and didn’t smudge when she put it on. Some of the other kits look like their lipsticks might be a bit bolder but the “last First Kiss” is really pretty and just right for us. I thought I had a closeup photo of that but I can’t seem to find it in my files. You can see it in the photo up above, though.

Makeup by One Direction

The “Kiss You” Liquilights UV Glow Gloss is kind of awesome. It goes on as a regular lip gloss. It adds some shimmer and subtle color to your lips but mainly just looks glossy. But when the party starts it takes on a whole new look. It’s UV so when you put it under a blacklight your lips glow! I tried and tried to get a photo of my lips under the light but the camera just wouldn’t not focus on it. They were neon yellow/orange! It was hilarious. I did get it to focus on the lip gloss tube so you can kind of see how it looks. If I can get a photo to turn out, I’ll add it to the post because I’d really love for you all to see it.

Makeup by One Direction

The nail varnish is clear with big flakes of awesome gold glitter. If you just want a little sparkle, put it on as it. But if you want to glam up your favorite nail color, pop a little of this stuff on top and you are a glittery sensation! Our middle daughter just had to have some glitter on her nails. She’s into bling so it is right up her alley. I like to add just a little to the tips of my nails for a little glam. It goes on easily, dries fairly fast and stays on pretty well.

Makeup by One Direction

We will probably only use the stencils at Halloween to add some “fake tattoos” to our costumes so those won’t be put to much use but the rest of the kit is awesome! As I mentioned there are 3 kits based on One Direction’s hit albums and they are called:

  • Midnight Memories
  • Take me Home
  • Up All Night

Here are photos of the other two kits:

Makeup By One Direction Makeup By One Direction

They’ve been released in the and I believe International release dates are pending.

Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor – August 25th

Makeup by One Direction Makeup by One Direction

My daughter and I both really like all the products included in the “Take Me Home” collection of makeup by One Direction. Have you tried it?

As you can see, we really love this make up. In fact, we have several reviews of Make Up By One Direction here on the blog.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary set of makeup by One Direction as a member of BrandBacker to facilitate our review. all opinions are strictly our own.

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