Personalized Books: Make Your Pet A Story Book Star With Petlandia

A few weeks ago, I received the cutest, personalized book I’ve ever seen! It was addressed to me and our dog, Jasper. And it was personalized with our names, town and looks just like Jasper! I’ve made personalized books for Christmas, in the past. I’ve never had one for any of our pets. It looks just like him!!!

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Jasper's Adventures In Petlandia - Personalized Books

Petlandia books are cute, personalized books that feature your pet (cat, dog or rabbit – we have all 3!) The one we received featured Jasper and me. It was a tale of Jasper deciding he wanted to become a “HollyWOOF” star and came up with ideas for his “YouChew”channel and his “InstaPAW” profile.

Jasper's Adventures In Petlandia - Personalized Books

The story is adorable! It shows Jasper taking off on his own to become a star. He as mishaps and adventures along the way before realizing his misses me and just wants to come home.

My kids LOVE this book! In fact, we were all very impressed with the quality and the story-line. I would definitely order one for each of our pets.

While I would give this as a gift to one of our children, and not to the pets (they’d eat it), this is such a great way to capture your pet in a fun and adventurous way. These personalized stories will make such great keepsakes of your pets!

There are two stories you can choose from to create your own personalized books. They include:

  • Adventures In Petlandia: This heart-warming tale of friendship, fame, loneliness and love sees your pet (dog, cat or rabbit) jetting off to Hollywoof, a pawsome world of four-legged fun!
  • Petlandia Roadtrip: Two dogs embark on a fun-filled and fur-raising road trip across Petlandia. Hilariously heart-warming, this pawsome adventure sees the fuzzy friends going on a roadtrip from Mew York to Hollywoof via San Franbiscuits and beyond. Fur is ruffled but friendship conquers all!

Once you’ve decided which story/stories you want, it’s time to create your book.

  • Head to and create your pet by choosing the pet type (dog/cat/rabbit)
  • Click ‘Create my Pet’
  • Customize by choosing the breed, eye color and collar so you can ensure the star of the book looks just like your pet
  • Click ‘Send me to Petlandia!’ and then ‘Create my book’ to immediately see the full personalized story of your pet’s adventure

Decide if you want personalized gift wrap, pay and wait for your book to arrive!

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