Summer Ready Face In 6 Simple Steps

Sing this with me: Summer Ready! Summer Ready! I am getting summer ready! WOO!

All this sunshine’s got me like

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I know we’re all working on our beach bods for “hot girl summer”, but, are you getting your face summer ready as well? No? Why not? It’s super easy to do!

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I have shown and told you all many, many, many times how much I adore my NIRA skincare laser, hyaluronic acid and new peptide serum (save 10% at the bottom of this post). I’ve also mentioned how I tend to laze out when it comes to my skincare but can always pick right back up with my NIRA and get amazing results! You can see past posts in the box below.

I’m over 40, peri-menopausal and my skin hates me. It wants to be all dry and icky while also being super oily across my t-zone. My nose, upper cheeks, chin and forehead are both oily with large pores and dry at the same time! Huh? I’m also getting wrinkles and laugh lines. sigh

Now, I’m not opposed to getting older and getting a few wrinkles but I’d like to do so gradually, if possible. I don’t want it to all come charging at me like a herd of wild buffalo, ya know? So, I use my NIRA skincare laser and topical goodness, along with my own DIY Face Serum to get my skin looking its best. And, while I try to do that year round, I especially focus on it in the Spring and Summer.

Now’s that time folks. Now’s that time!

I’m getting summer ready! Well, at least my face is getting there. Not too sure about the rest of me, but that’s another story. tee hee hee

Here’s my current day/night routines because as I mentioned previously, my routine changes with the seasons and the changes of my skin. We’re also in a weird house hunting season with no time for anything, again, as well as dealing with health issues, still.

So, here’s what’s currently working for me. Let’s get our faces summer ready together in as few steps as possible!

My Super Simple Summer Ready Face Routine

Morning Routine: (super simple)

  • Wash my face with cool water and a soft wash cloth
  • I apply this Cera-Ve face serum with SPF and let it soak in while – make sure you use sunscreen on your face er’day!
  • Apply makeup

That’s it. I’m into super simple right now.

Nighttime Routine: (a bit more complex but still super simple)

  1. Remove makeup and waterproof mascara with my Viva Naturals Almond Oil on a cotton ball OR a makeup wipe. If I happen to be wearing a full face of makeup, I’ll use a Neutrogena Fragrance-Free makeup wipe. It’s not all natural like I prefer but it’s what is working for me right now. I choose my battles people. I choose my battles.
  2. Wash face with DermaE Cloud Cleanser, warm water and a soft wash cloth to remove any leftover makeup, first and grime from the day. This gets my face all nice and shiny clean. It feels wonderful to use because gently foams.
  3. Use NIRA Precision Laser around my eyes, nose and mouth and the NIRA Pro Laser on my face, neck and chest as well as the backs of my hands.
  4. Apply my DIY Face Serum that has Frankincense essential oil for skin rejuvenating, healing and wrinkle reduction
  5. Apply NIRA Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  6. Apply NIRA Youth Renewal Peptide Cream

Then I go to bed. Well, like, I brush my teeth and hair and all that stuff too but that’s just my face skincare routine.

Seriously, you guys, could it be any easier to get your face summer ready? Not really.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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What tips do you have for getting your face (and/or body) summer ready? Do you do anything in particular? Anything special?

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